Friday, August 29, 2003

Called the Chemo Doc on Thursday. Sara pointed out that Monday is Labor Day, am I sure that is my appointment? So I phoned, and said "Hey, this is Charles, I have an appointment on Monday, and want to confirm" The receptionist said "Yes, you do. Monday, the 8th." So I replied "but will you be open Labor Day?" She said "Nope, we will be closed" I ask "how can I have an appointment then?" She said (very nicely) "You must be confused, the 8th is a WEEK from Labor Day." I replied "Oh, yeah, sorry, thanks" then we both giggled. I am losing my mind. So No Chemo doctor till the 8th.

Hmmm. Dinner with Robert last night, Sara & I broght some of Robert & Linda's stuff back, and it has been in our garage for a while, so he came to get it. We all went to Aqui's, and talked about racing too much, I am afraid I bored Sara. Then we discussed the effects of aging. Why is it hard for me to remember simple things I used to be able to do with ease a few years ago. unhhhhh... cause I am getting older! Got home and watched a net-flix rental "Adrenaline Drive" in Japanese, it was sort of, well, different. But Sara did rent, and I should be happy she likes me. It DID have car chases and explosions, but no boobies.

Work this morning, and I was wore out form the moment I woke up. Just fatigued. bad. Got in late, could not focus, left early. for me, even. Dang. BUt did accomplish somehting. While I was there, i had some IM conversations with Paul Sommerville, a pal from SF, who is partners in Moto Java Coffee & Motorcycle shop. Paul is fighting off some cancers of his own, and has much experience with the fatigue part. We chatted about this for a while, and he had a brilliant idea.

Since he is always telling his girlfreind "i am tired' they decided to put a numeric scale to it, so she has an idea. Example. 3 - today I feel okay, but a little winded. 7 - it is hard to keep my head up. 10 - I need to lay in bed with a pillow over my head.

By putting this scale together, he is able to convey more than "i am tired" so she gets signal, not just noise. She can quantify what it means.

I am trying to do same for Sara, and come to a mutually understood scale, so instead of saying "I'm tired" I can say "I'm #4 Tired" and she will have an idea of what I mean.

We then chatted about calories, and how strange it is that some days the calories you eat seem to go to energy, other days it is all going to fight the cancer. So you never really know what it will be like form one day to the next. But we agree on one thing. it sucks.

Got home, took a nap. Did some computer stuff, boutgh a synch cable for my phone. It can now talk to my computer. And save all the address book, etc.. But I think they are talking about me behind my back. "Does he hit your keys too hard?" "Sometimes he treats me like an appliance" that kind of stuff.

Then the mail came. Woo Hoo! Sara's sister Kate sent me a cool model airplane. It has an electric winder for the rubberband. I've never seen anything like it. Made by "Lyonaeec" corp, it is the same as the model pictured on the link in the top left corner. A F-2b. Absolutely coolness. If energy permits, I will try to fly it tomorrow.

I am also working on a Guillow's Lancer out in the garage. Old School, stick & tissue. My hope is to regain my building experience, and start building tiny, indoor, electric RC planes. But will see.

The kit from Kate was grand. Cheered my day. Woo Hoo!

Sara went shopping and bought some cool stuff for the house. Then we went to dinner at Goombei in Japan Town with my pal Eileen, her husband Jim, and their kiddo Ryan. I had some extra toy motorcycles, that I thought he might be able to help me out with. It worked. He liked them.

Dinner was tremendous, Eileen has a great family. Sara did not speak Japanese.

and I got a little tired, but it was a great time. Then! on the way out, they gave me a present.

MINI Bagel Dogs!

Can you BELIEVE it? Mini Bagel dogs. Oh my! woo hoo! They do not have MINI Bagel dogs at MY grocery. oh, I gotta find them

these are not Dr. Stein's either, they are Best's Kosher. Oh yummi! wheeee!

I have GOT to find an outlet for Kosher Bagel Dogs.... mmmm drooolllll..... mmmmm

Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing and not doing much. will see if it happens. MUST SELL CONDO!

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