Saturday, August 23, 2003

Just this morning, I was advising a friend to write every day, as a way of tracking life events, and not forgetting stuff. Then I realized, I need to be doing this as well. So I will try, very hard, to post daily.

Woke this morning, next to a really pretty girl. it was cool. She smiles at me, and likes me. I am mighty lucky.

cooked some eggs for brekkies, then ran some laundry, then hung a bunch of my model airplanes form the rafters in the garage.

Amazingly, I needed a quick nap. Why is this stuff wearing me out so hard?

Got up and met with Kevin, we went to the park at the end of the street, and he showed me his electric Radio Control Park Flyer. These are smaller model airplanes, lightweight, flying electric power. Very VERY cool. I need to learn to do this, then start trying to convert some of my stick & tissue kits to RC. Woo Ho
Lunch at the Taqueria, chatted for a while, then back to the house, and had another nap. Sara took her DRz for a ride. YAY Sara!

I slept most of the afternoon, then we went to her pal's house for a BBQ party. Which I think I fell asleep in.

My dear pal Joe caled. His folks Neighbor is a good freind with the doctor who handled Lance Armstrong, and would be wiling to speak with me.


So my plan is to speak to the Radiation Doc on Monday. See what he says. Find out if he has a better suggestion, or could speed the schedule of the Chemo Doc. Once I can get BOTH radiation & chemo to chat, and formulate a strategy, I plan on discussing with every expert I can.

Cisplatin. This is the stuff! More on that later.

YAY Joe!

Phone Call Bastard: I am horrible, I cannot stand talking on the phone at the moment. I REALLY need to return calls to Greg & Cindy, Mike & Evvy, and Krista, But I am just too wore down. Will try tomorrow.

I almost lucked into a 1964 Honda CB 77 305cc Superhawk today, but at the last moment, the owner decided it was worth more than I think it is. Oh well. Still an object of fantasy.

Tomorrow I am gonna try to sit on one of my bikes. Not ride, just sit.

time for sleep

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