Friday, August 08, 2003

No real sleeping last night. We went to my cousins for dinner, and I ate a little too much (for me now) and stayed out a little late (for me now) and was very worn out. Got home at 9pm, took some meds, then layed in bed and thrashed around with feverish sweats all night. It was not very restful at all. I think part of the problem is I am not next to Sara, holding her hand.

However, I need to sleep with my legs elevated on a pillow, and I am VERY tender and sore, so it is kind of easier to sleep in the twin bed. I do not know, need to solve the sleep issue soon. Maybe the body is building resistance to the pain meds.

Sara just took my folks and the rental car to the airport. They have a 9am flight, but with all the new rules, you gotta be there very early. Once she drops them off, she'll come home, and we have appointment at doctor's at 11:45. We'll return the rent car after that, and I may try to talk her into letting me stop by the office to download this one email that is giving me issues.

I will know more about my problems this afternooon. But for right now, I really, really want a shower. But will need to wash my hair in the kitchen sink, and try to take a sponge bath. I am pretty wore out.

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