Monday, August 11, 2003

Overdid it today.

I woke up to hear Sara watering the lawn, then got dressed, chatted, the home depot installer guy came and installed the new room darkening shade in the master bedroom, it looks great, and dark.

Then I went to work. Did work stuff, had lunch with my pal Beth, did more work stuff, then ran out of steam. So I sat quietly in my office for about 30 minutes, to rebuild and rest. Went to the othe rbuilding, talked to 2 guys on my team, sat in my truck and rested, then left work.

Drove to the Verizon store, to TRY to get them to make my god-DAMNED cell phone work. The kid played with the RTps or something, and said "this might help" I really do not want "might help" I want "wow, something is wrong, a new phone will fix it" or "we have bad coverage there, try company X" or anything. Not "might help" But? what can you do? right?

So I sat in my truck with the AC on, and rested.

Then drove to Wal Mart. I cannot wear jeans or Khakis, they are too hard on the healing incision. Fortunately "lounge pants" are semi-acceptable well, for sick guys. By lounge pants, I mean pajama bottoms with a button and pockets. Unfortunately, Wal Mart only had "SpongeBob Square Pants" Lounge pants. and no matter how cool you try to be, and how lounge-y you say they are, if they have Spongebob, ... they are pajamas.

I did buy an inflateable air mattress and pump, for a possible upcoming trip that may or may not happen, and a pair of shoes to replace the velcro sneakers that smell so bad I cannot stand to pick them up.

Went to my truck, and sat and rested for about 15 minutes, then drove home.

At home, I tried the cell phone. Guess what? Does not work worth a damn. No change. I need to point out here, Sara ALSO has verizon, and her phone works. Hmmm.

She phoned, it did not work, so I got on IM, and tried to ask her what she needed, and my desktop crashed, then got on the laptop, finished the discussion, and thought I would take a nap. But really, I was steamed. I mean, I am paying almost 50 dollars a month to have this cell phone. A cell phone that does not work? How useful is that? To me? It is as useful as tits on a nun. That's how. You can look at 'em, but you cannot use them.

And I got all riled up, and drove to the Verizon store south, by me. And talked to some chipper young woman named Jessi-CA with not a brain in her head. The obviously hired her for the way she filled out her dress, which, I must say, is not gonna look so good in 3 years when the tortilla bomb goes off. She was teetering on the bring of having someone hit the "inflate" button, but that is a different story.

So Jessi-CA looked at my phone, and said, "Oh, it is old. and almaden, it is hard to get signal there, maybe you should get a different phone. Hmmm, yeah, according to the computer, you could do that now"

Great! Oh, Jessi-CA, I would LOVE to get a new phone, which one recieves the best, and let's do this now and I am outta your hair.

"oh, NO, like, dude, uhh, I am not like, a sales-PER-son, I like, totally cannot help you, Duh! you need to wait in, like, that line over there, with the 18 screaming vietnamese kids, o-KAY?"

Thank you, drive through please. I wait in line till I got tired, then I went out to my truck. Guess what I did? I rested for about 15 minutes.

Then I looked, and all the screaming kids, and their mom/sister/nanny were still in line, so I left. I will try the store on Montague again tomorrow. The guys there at least looked like they might be able to turn down the techno-hip music enough so I could hear them, and sell me a new damn phone.

HOWEVER, I will not be buying unless I have a WRITTEN GUARANTEE that if it does NOT work, and I bring it back the next day, I CAN cancel my service, as I need a damn phone that works.

okay, where was I before I turned left and went to rants-ville? Oh yeah, resting.

And got ready to drive home, remembered I was 3 blocks from target, where all good things are, and bought 3 sets of lounge pants that do NOT have spongebob on them.

THEN! withouth resting, I drove home.

As I was getting out of the truck, the bandaged bits on my guts really hurt. Like, just going from sitting to standing. It was sore, as I have not been sitting in so long. So the bending hurt.

I got in the house, cleaned up a little, and am now laying in the surgery bed with a bag of ice down my old lounge pants, about to go to sleep for a while.

Tomorrow, trip to Verizon on the way to work, work half day, no matter what, and go home.

Woo hoo.

and time to rest, more later.

Who sent the damned pirate hat, it is driving me nuts! I gotta know?

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