Thursday, August 07, 2003

So tomorrow I go back to the Doctor. We will get lab results, and it is the next "Step"

Jack tells me to think of this as a series of steps. you make a step, you make a decision, you take an action, you see what the next step will be

Well, they removed the testicle. and are biopsying it.

I find out tomorrow what we know. Then we make a decision on what is next.

Is it okay? if so, they do a CT scan, and look over the rest of my body.

If it is bad, they do a ct scan, and look for possible cancers in my Lymph system.

so till tomorrow, I do not know the next step.

BUT! I am keeping a positive mental attitude. and laying in bed a lot, resting.

I can get out and about, for about an hour, then it takes about 2 hours of laying around to make up for it.

Another frustrating thing is my damn cell phone.

When we moved, we decided Cell ONLY, no land-lines. No phone solicitors. No annoying calls at dinner time.

and Cable modem works GREAT
BUT! in the part of the valley we are, my Verizon cell phone has crappy reception.

So when people call, I am trying to talk, and the conversation is all "oops, can you hear me, ooops? sorry, what did you say"

and it makes me crazy

So I have a big list of people I need to return calls to, and apologize to, once I get to work, or out of the house and have better reception.

Much thanks to all who email, and all the support and caring.

It really makes me smile and think positive, to think about all the beautiful women in the world, who are thinking about my testicle.

tee heee! :)

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