Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Today was better, but I still wore myself out. Sara slept late, the dark blinds in the master bedroom are wonderful, and she needs her rest. Putting up with me is probably more difficult than any challenges I could think of.

I, however, was up at 6:30, tossing and turning and pacing the floors. Last night I spent a little time researching and learning about treatments, and it could be some nasty stuff. Like Jack says, focus on the positive, worry about the NEXT step, not 3 steps away. But still, nightmare city

Eventually I got out the door and off to Verizon. I figured the earlier I went, the more chance I stood of a fresh, hard working, early rising sales associate who is alble to work with me, instead of jamming to the latest techno-funk beat, yo yo yo

On the way in, I used the dying Motorola to talk to my dear pal Chris "Biffy" Thomas. He is a big muckity-much at Verizon in Austin. Well, maybe not Big, but in my mind, he will be running the company in 5 years. "Which handset do I get?" I researched for hours, ... well, maybe minutes, on the web last night, and I cannot make heads or tails of it. I do not want bells and vibrators, I just want to connect from my damn house.

Chris is laughing, he apparently just left a meeting with 3 director-types, all asking the same question. His advice to me is look at Audiovox or Kyocera handsets. they have the least service calls, and in his mind, the best radios. This is what I need to know. Who has the best radio. I do not give a rat's ass about 17 different polyphonic ring tones, with downloadable game apps and installable techno beat tunes. I just want to be able to talk on the gosh darned phone. Audiovox, Kyocera.

Armed with my inside knowledge, and nothing else, I wander into the store to meet Kevin, fresh faced, not hung over, with a semi-normal haircut. He recommends the LG VX440, same as Jessi-CA from yesterday. says they do not sell a lot of the Audiovox or Kyocera models. But okay, I am the customer. He shows me the 2 legitimate offerings they have, the Kyocera looks like something from a gas-station vending machine, and the Audiovox has a BIG pull out antenna.... for me to break off cue Triumph the Comic Insult Dog... "For me to poop on!".

But I go with the audiovox and a guarantee that I have 15 days to bring it back for full refund if I do not like it. Well, I will play with it, and take it home after work to test out. I go out to the parking lot to drive to work, but I am very tired, so I sit in the truck and, rest.....

Build up energy and drive to work. Answered up a bunch of email, then wanna guess? took a rest! I cannot stand how tired this is making me. But I am napping like a fiend, trying to build energy. Did a little post-purchase research, the Audiovox CDM-8300BA apparently has really great reviews, in CANADA! But they say it works. the sound quality in the speaker sucks ass, but with a remote headset, it is a great phone. I have a remote headset, I will try.

Jack, who has wonderfully supported, advised, and been a friend through it all, got the "after" photos I emailed him. Now he has before and after shots on a small, hidden section of his web page. I keep thinking about posting the link, but really, does anyone NEED to see my balls, or lack thereof?

Stacy, who works with me, drove us to lunch in his wife's convertible BMW. I like motorcycles. But since I cannot ride, I gotta tell you, seat time in drop top car? woo hoo! wind, sun, life, speed. Oh, it was grand. We went to Lina's Place in Milpitas. My cousin Steve introduced me to in, now Lina's is a favorite.

Ate yummi yummi Chile Rellenos, and could not stop staring at the youngest waitress' exposed junk. She was wearing low rider black pants, and some white string bikini (not thong) drawers, with red trim, but they were not easy to see, .... under her over-hanging gut! Please do not get me wrong, I very much like this bar/restaurant. It is obviously family owned and operated, and she is probably the grand daughter, and ALWAYS friendly and nice. But that outfit would not lhave looked good on her 30 pounds and 5 years ago, it has not gotten any better with age. Kind of like a train wreck, or the fat lady in spandex at Wal-Mart, you do not want to look, but human nature forces you to.

Anyhow, lunch was fun. very fun! wheee!

Drove back, had a few meetings, did a little resting, drove home.

Stopped at Phil's barbershop across from the old condo on the way home, and had a trim. He suggested letting it grow a little, as the back is all mashed up from laying in bed too much. So it is trimmed, but a little long-ish. And feels great. I do not know what kind of tonic barbers use on your hair, but I really like the way it smells.

Sit in the truck and rest. then drive home. slowly.

Sitting, then standing, then sitting, is making my belly-incision very sore. When I sit for a while, it is difficult and painful to make the transition to standing. but going from standing to sitting is fine. Hmmm. Ya know, the last time something hurt and I delayed in calling the doctor, I had FUCKING CANCER!!! so I learned my lesson, I picked up the phone and called Dr. Andonian's office. yes, no, yes, yes, there is no seepage? no odd colors, the colors are fading? yes, it is absolutely normal, keep icing it.

Then I make 2 more calls. the phone seems to work! I am not 100% convinced, but am trying.

I set up some of the sprinklers to water the yard, I talk to the neighbors, who are wonderful. Then Sara comes home, and I go inside and rest. Well, and program numbers into my new phone. There are a BUNCH of my pals, who I do not have modern phone number/addesses for. If you are one, pls email me your new stuff. thanks, I'll update my stuff.

We sit around, we chat, we discuss cancer, we sit around, she is wonderful. I am a very lucky guy.

then my guts really start hurting, so I lay down. for a few hours, apparently. We have dinner, we chat, and Sara mentions my schedule understanding is off. I think Cat scan thursday. Nope, she says Tuesday. Of course, she is right.

Cat Scan Tuesday next week
Dr. appintment to discuss results of cat scan, and plot next step = THURSDAY.

I need to go to hospital tomorrow to pick up the icky goo I have to drink for Tuesday morning's activities. Poot.

But thank heavens for Sara, or I would have blown it again.

I wonder if my brain is affected?

Got more wonderful emails from pals, thanks. woot. ick time to sleep more. I can ALMOST roll onto my side for an hour, but still turtled most of the time.

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