Monday, August 11, 2003

well, i could not stand the smell of myself anymore. dr. Andonian told me not to shower till the 'steri-strips' fall off and my incision has healed.

But, I smelled like the south end of a nothhbound mule. ... on a hot sunny day. ... in mexico. ... hauling a load of stinky things. ... up a steep mountain. ... you get the hint.

Sara and I watched Jackass on teevee before bed, and Steve-O had his butt cheeks pierced, together. and I thought, what a dumbass. but I smell bad. hmmm.

Duct tape!

I put duct tape over the bandages over the steri strips, over the incision, and I took a shower. Warm, with tons of soap. I scrubbed my hair, I washed my face, I shaved, I showered, I washed my stinky, stinky junk.

and I feel much better.

Came out, dried off, and slowly, painfully, pulled the duct tape and bandage off, leaving the dry steri-strips and incision okay.

Dried off, used some schmancy cotton pads with alcohol to wipe down and duct tape residue, dried off very well, slapped on some "old spice" over the shaving, felt VERY manly, and put on a new bandage.

I feel a million times better. but tired out.

Duct tape!

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