Monday, August 18, 2003

Well, my pal beth from work got to spend time in Austin, and apparently had fun. YAY! I love Austin.

I went in today a little later than planned, and spent a little more time there than planned. Remember how I said I had about 2 hours up time for every 2 hours down time? well, it seems a skewed number now, but I seem to need more rest now.

Spoke with my bosses boss, who was wonderful and offered support. I think we can manage this from the work perspective.

Got home, napped, then Eric's Sister-in-law, and my pal, Tara came over to work on her "fire fairy wings" for Burning Man. I'd helped build a big old industrial looking set of pipe fittings and valves to channel propane out of a bottle, through a regulator, through 2 sets of valves into 4 tubes, 2 tubes per side. top tube will have many holes, and be a burning "wing" bottom tube will be a pilot light at the end of the wing.

We managed to shape them, attach everything, fab a harness, and get them working before 10PM. And her husband James came by to help, he took Sara to drop off rental car from this weekend, it was BIG help!

tomorrow Tara and James will finish sewing all the connections on the harness that we just pinned together. James will drill the tiny holes for the tops of the wings, and Tara will attach wire mesh to make them more wing like.

Me, on the other hand, I will go to the hospital and have a CT scan to look for the rest of the cancers. wish me well. Won't know results till thursday.

good night

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