Sunday, August 31, 2003

Will upgrade to BloggerPRO once they get it available and back online. This will allow me to answer the most common question, "how many hits are you getting?" I simply do not know.

Saturday we were going to take it easy. Then realized, watering the backyard is a time comsuming PITA that is sucking the lifeblood out of us. I'm convinced the couple that sold us this house spent their entire lives watering the yard.

So we went to the farmer's market in Willow Glen to look for more plants. and veggies, and bought some samosas from an Indian food vendor.

Sara and I made the run. To OSH. Bought some PVC pipe, a few adapters, some bits and pieces, and put together a very lo-tech, above ground sprinkler system that waters a little more than half the backyard. Simply hook up the garden hose, turn it on, and it sprinkles, bubbles, and distributes water to most of that part. With not too much ugly white PVC. If we get really excited, may toss some wood chips on it.

Then I hung up christmas lights along the underside of the patio cover. It gets all sparkly at night, without the heavy floodlights that used to blind folks. While I was doing this, Sara was out pulling plants we decided we hate, and she put in some Mums! Mumariffic! Mumderful! Mum-a-lama-ding-dong! Mums! we got Mums!

Saturday night I heard the model airplane was not from Kate, it was from Mr. & Mrs. Roedl, Sara's folks. Kate helped send it along though, so she still gets thanks. And even more thanks to her folks. Wow, great, thanks for thinking about me.

We tried to watch the movie "Ran" by Akira Kurazawa, but my grandmother's console TV is just not up for the task. It has been getting worse and worse, I am afraid it is on it's last legs, and we will be forced to go buy a new TV. BOO! It's not that I do not want to buy one, It is that I hate TV, and except for south Park on Wednesday night, and occasional movies, we both HATE watching TV. There is just so much more in life.

Except I am probably gonna be forced to watch a lot of TV over the next few months!

Dilemma! What to buy? Why? What is cool? What can I get without buying a monster home video theater system 2000????

So we watched Ghost Dog instead. Forest Whitaker as a modern black Samauri? fun.

Then slept.

Sunday morning got up and began answering emails. My realtors have TWO possible offers! woot! Yay Alan! Yay Michele! So I am answering emails, and Sara suggests we water the lawn. I reply that I would like to finish what I am doing, but she pushes, so we have a mini-argument, I break, we water the lawn. But she is moody. I know I am gonna get yelled at today.

After watering the lawn, which isn't really a lawn, it is a collection of exotic plants and ferns, odd trees, etc. I climbed a ladder and took the DISH Network satelite dish off the back of the house. We wil not have sat TV, and less junk is better! Still had energy, climbed on the roof and took down the old school TV antenna. Less stuff! Especially less stuff that could fall over in a storm.

Hung the antenna in the garage, tied it to the radio on my work bench, which now gets great reception. And it makes a lot of space to hang airplane models....

Sara made eggs for brunch, using peppers from our yard. It was delicious, and unfortunately gave me more energy.

So I crawled under the house, and re-routed the cable modem jack from one bedroom wall to another, then routed the ethernet cable that had been layin on the floor to sara's office under the house. I had to have her help me with this, one person below the floor, one above, moving cables and passing things through the walls.

I love Sara more than life itself. But we do not work well together. She gets a look on her face as if I shat in her breakfast cereal, and then she looks like she is gonna cry every time I speak. Wneh you are on your back, in the crawl space under the house, and cannot hear much, and there are scary spiders lurking around, you do NOT use the 'quiet voice'

it just got worse and worse, till we were done.

Love, yes. Ability to work with? no.

but made it happen. And she did clean up everything in the house after all was done.

Now, there are no cables stapled to door frames, no cables running down the hall. all is tidy.

And me? I am bonked. No strength, no energy, nap time.

We might MIGHT! try to go to the new IKEA store in Palo Alto, to see if there is any proper furniture, or temporary furniture. Need to do something aout a comfy couch, and a chair or two in the living room. Maybe even a table, but I hope not. It is a nice, large, open room. Just needs more space to rest, and a T.V. made in this decade.

Laura Ackerman, thank you for the books!

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