Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Woke up to a bad day in the making. Sara stayed up almost all night for work. When she is "on call" she has to do work, and sometimes these folks are insistent it happens, late at night. When she does not sleep, she gets all freaked out, so in the morning she was harumphing and not NOT NOT in a good mood. But I tried to be nice and pet her head, and say nice things.

Then I went to work. Answered a veritable flurry of questions at work, made tons of decisions, then went for lunch. Todai! All good things are at Todai. Today is the last lunch before one of my engineers goes back to Chennai, so we went to TODAI for all-I-can-eat sushi.

Guess how much sushi I can eat? not much. my belly hurts, so I was at a minimal sushi intake. Today, they made their money on me. But lunch was fun.

Back to work. Answering more questions, and wondering, why don't people think? I do not feel I am particularly super smart. But I can look at something and tell: beginning, Middle, end. Just like on sesame Street. But there are MANY MANY MANY people in my company who want to know END! before a beginning is set, or a middle is planned. So I try to convince these people (we'll just call them macaroons to be nice) that if they wait to see what the higher up managers decide for the BEGINNING, then we can adequately project the middle and end. But to project the END, before a beginning, well, you'd have to be a MORON, err, macaroon to try that.

it makes my guts hurt.

Then I met with Lisa for HP. We discussed prices, and a good strategy to make some stuff happen. I will not be around for the meeting, but tried to get her up to speed, and ready to go. I think she is, I think we have solution. And she gave me a swell shirt.

Left to go home, because I had far exceeded my time at work. Stopped at the hospital on the way home, I am supposed to pick up some 'goo' to drink before Tuesday's scan. However, they cannot give me the goo till Monday. Even though the doctor told me they could, they cannot. Besides, the goo costs $100/bottle. Uhhh, Hello? I do not know any market paying for nasty cat scan goo. I promise I am not looking to sell it.

We agree I will come in early Tuesday, drink the goo, then sit and wait for the scan. MMMM GOO.

Drive home, am tired. no, hot and tired. Need to rest. But we need to run an errand too. DAMNATION.

I almost did not notice the VERY pretty flowers my pals Aparna and Ravi from Chennai sent me. YAY Aparna and Ravi! Happy Flowers!

We run the errand, come home, and there is a bag of a dozen bagel dogs, and 2 Lik-M-Aide candies on the doorstep. No note.

Hmmm. More mystery gifts? Pirate hats & Bagel dogs.

Thanks. Whomever you are, thank you for the yummilicious bagel dogs & Lik-m-aide.

Sara stopped at her favorite taqueria, Guadalupe's, on Race Street by the old condo. She broght home a veggie burrito. Lupe put Sour Cream on it. Sara HATES sour cream. she was yelling about it. BUT, she still maintains he has the best taqueria, and will not patronize the Almaden Taqueria bu the new house. Oh well, sour cream is yummy too. And she was complaining the ice maker in the new fridge is not icing as much as it should. I think she needs to call Sears. I need a rest

I need sleep now. Chances are very high I will not post again till sunday night, no worries, I will just not be computing. I'll jot notes, I will be resting. thanks! woot! More later.

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