Monday, September 08, 2003


This morning started with preparations to head to the Chemo Doctor. Step one, find where the office is located. Because the address I have does not show up on MapQuest. Oh, Campbell, not San Jose. Okay, there it is. Then we have to get OUT the door. Sara has been pushing all schedules to the very last minute lately, I do not know why, other than she probably likes seeing me get all agitated.

We arrive at SouthBay Oncology Hematology Partners, and I have to fill out forms, I'm already a little steamed about being late, and the forms came out of a folder, with all that informaiton already typed up! GRRR! and it is all about business. I am really not liking this. And, I am also scared like hell.

Finally they show me to a room, and I meet Dr. Steve Scates, who introduces himself as Steve, and insists on being addressed as such. Ya know, this is a plus. He is not into the whole "I am doctor! My word is divine" thing. I like that. It sets me at ease. He talks to Sara and I, the more he talks, the more I like him. This is gonna work out.

So, let me try to highlight the important things we learned. If Sara has anything to add, will do later tonight. OH, Dr. Scates likes Bagel Dogs! I'm set.

The Treatment will involve a chemical cocktail of 2 drugs, listed below, with links and side effects:

Cisplatin: Nausea, numbness, kidneys, hearing sensitivity, taste changes

and Etoposide: nausea, hair loss, reduction in blood cell production, loss of apetite.

The timeline looks like this: 4 cycles of 5 days on, 2 weeks off to recover.
I will begin on Monday, Sept 15th. I'll get Sara to drive me there initially, and figure out how to get home, then see what time will be lie for the rest of the week. At that point, I may call on friends for assistance.

He took us around the office and showed where to go, what to do, where I can barf, and generally a quickie orientation.

Did I mention Dr. Scates likes Bagel Dogs?

So one of the side effects is hair loss. Scott Gordon from Austin suggests I draw on eyebrows to emulate Max Von Sydow as Ming the Merciless, Ming the Merciless, from the 1980 version of Flash Gordon.

I agree.

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