Sunday, September 21, 2003

the cure is worse than the sickness.

Remember all that stuff about 'be positive' and 'I'll knock this out with my positive Texas Attitude'?

I am having to really fight to remember all that. Cause I want to roll over and stop breathing.

nausea? I just lost that battle. I have been tryng to keep things IN me, to keep up strength and energy, but today, I just lost the battle. Sara made me 2 eggs over-easy for breakfast. I managed to keep them in for about 3 hours. Then I had a half cup of yogurt in for about 2 hours.

I did force myself to have a shower, it was refreshing, and we left the AC set to 75 all day. I cannot take the heat.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor at 10:30 to do bloodwork, and I do not know what else. I will ask about if this is normal, or a spike, or will it get worse or any better.

Positive. I have to be strong.

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