Friday, September 12, 2003

Friday morning. Last day of work before Chemo Week #1. Trying to scurry and cover all bases, and I realize, my team has this all under control.

Last night Sara and I went to Cdoor's house for dinner and watched the movie "Bowling for Columbine" again. My two thoughts were "Charleton Heston looks like hell" and "I should stop by WalMart and restock ammunition before I get sick"

So my co-worker Kirk's Saturn got sick the other day, and needed a jump start. Which I gave him. Afterwards, however, the "Rear Wheel Anti Lock" and the "Brake" dash warning lights on my truck came on and stayed on. So I read through the manual, and my guess is I had a power surge and it messed up either the AntiLock computer, or some of the sensors.

Arghhh, I do not want to mess with this. So I started thinking, the Lesbian Low Rider of Love has served me well. Carried me through the divorce, out to California, to the races and back, it is a good truck, but maybe it's time?

Unfortunately, there is nothing else I can think of to replace it with. Don't really want new truck payment and insurance. Can't think of anything used I really want. Hmmm. Heck, the air conditioner still works. Maybe I need to pay someone to fix it for me.

So in the midst of my truck considering, my sister emails me. Apparently, our mother hydroplaned her 1989 Oldsmobile Hooptie Station Wagon. Did a 360 and nearly hit a van!

So here I am in San Jose, about to start chemo, and I am worried, cause my mom drives an old beater. She needs new-modern saftey features. There have been many safety improvements since 1989 including airbags, anti-lock brakes, side-impact beams, daytime running lights, etc. etc., If the really loved me, they'd replace that wore out Hooptie!

I do not need to be worrying about her rolling it off the road and into a ditch in North East Texas.

So I have no idea what I would get, but I am thinking a Honda Oddesy, or even the CRV. New, modern, safe. I am worried, have cancer and the last thing I need is to have Mom in the hospital because she had an accident in her busted-ass old hooptie.

Man, what else can I worry about.


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