Sunday, September 28, 2003

I saved energy all day Friday, Sara and I had Rosh Hashana dinner with my cousins Mike & Evvy, and their daughter Lisa. Son Steven is living somewhere near Philly and working too hard now.

Dinner was great, I managed to eat a bowl of soup and a full, real plate of yummy delicious food. We stayed till 10:30 and talked the night away. I fell asleep a few times on the ride home, and they only live a few blocks away.

Saturday morning saw me wake to a pounding headahce, dry mouth, feverish, and a little delerious. I could not concentrate on anything, and kept going back to bed. I do not think it was actually tied to anything, like dinner out, talking, etc., I think it just comes and goes with the chemo coursing though my body. But Saturday sucked. Period. There was nothing good about Saturday.

Sara kept pushing me to drink water, which was the right thing to do, so I did not dehydrate. I'd take a few sips from a water bottle, then go lay in bed with pillows over my head, cursing whatever neighbor decided to handle some chainsawing, from 11am till about 5pm. I know, not their fault, but I was miserable.

Finally, around 7pm, I got out of bed and sat upright on the couch for a bit. VH-1 is running a series on "Why I Love the 70s" with a different year every hour. We watched 72-74 I think. Since Sara is only a few months younger than me, we were able to remember about the same things. and laugh at the silliness.

I finished half a bowl of cherry jello, got really excited, ate a bageldog, drank more water, had some yogurt, then we watched a Netflix rented movie.

Sara Jane LOVES "art-house" movies. so at the last few art movies we seen, there were previews for "Rasing Victor Vargas" and it was on NetFlix, so I rented it. we sat on the big ass couch and watched it on the bigass tv.

Plotline: Poor dominican kid lives with his grandma in some big city. He has the hots for some girl. She is pretty. All the guys wanna bone her up. She hates that. She trusts no men. Eventaully, she and Vic hook up.

So about 3/4 into it. NAUSEA! I run to the bathroom and hurl yogurt all over the place. It's been so long my aim is off, and I paint the wall next to the hopper.

I am not sure if the sick was from chemo, or this horrible ass movie. If you are so poor that you have to live with your grandma in a crappy building in a crappy city, GET A DAMN JOB. Stop hanging out at the pool and GET A DAMN JOB. Wendys? Always hiring. GET A DAMN JOB and buy your grandma some nice dinner.

Anyhow, I cleaned up and drank some more water. We finished the movie. The funniest part of the movie. the ONLY funny thing in the whole movie, was Vic's grandma explaining to the love interest what a bad boy Vic is, cause his kid brother is spankin it in the hopper. Over dinner. Other than that, totally worthless flick. ugh. GET A DAMN JOB.

The Nausea comes and goes, I take one of the tiny pills, it helps. And go to sleep early. Tossing and turning.

Sunday morning! YAY! I lived to see another day! YAY! Sara is going for a motorcycle ride with friends. This makes me VERY happy. Jack and Joanne, and who knows who all else, but Sara, ride. She needs to get out some. and I am happy for it.

I got up, it was cold outside, so I got all energy excited, took the steering column collar off my truck, and sprayed contact cleaner all over the turn signal relays. My right turn signal works now. No more 'bzzzzyyyyy' just 'tink tink tink' not that anyone in San Jose pays attention to them, but it does work.

It took my strength, however, so I did not try to troubleshoot the "Rear Wheel Anti-Lock" light issue.

I went in and lay in bed to type this.

Other random thoughts:
The Guillows Lancer model airplane I am building is taking a long time. I'm tired, and cannot spend too much on it at once, but the wings are covered, and the fuse is almost framed. As a side project, I took down an older model and stripped all the tissue off it. I've been sanding it, so once the frame is clean and tidy, I will re-cover it. That plane was always a great flier.

My pal Glenn in Austin dropped an email to inform me that one of the 'ad banners' above my blog was for model rockets! Apparently the comments about my suppositories triggered it. YAY!. He also mentioned reading Boy's Life Magazine as kids. Which I used to do, cover to cover, the day the postman brought it. Boy's Life was the magazine for Boy Scouts. It had nifty articles, comics, adventure stories, always some act of heroism that got a scout a medal, AND, Ads for Estes Flying Rockets. (the catalogues were great, their website sucks) Glenn mentioned the Estes Rocket that could fly above your house, and take a picture of your neighborhood. And yes, I do remember being in AWE of this. In 1974, young boys all over the country would spend hours studying the Estes Model Rocket catalogue, and dreaming of building the biggest thing they had.

The other cool thing was the back cover, which offered millions of fabulous prizes you could win if you sold GRIT Magazine. Being in a small community out in the sticks, we all KNEW we could never sell enough GRIT Magazines to win poop, but we'd look at the prizes anyhow. Bicycles, SpaceShip Plans, Sea Monkeys. I don't even know what Grit Magazine is. But man, in 1975, I sure as heck wanted to sell 50 thousand subscriptions, so I could win a Schwinn Black Phantom bicycle. An internet search shows them to still be in Business, but I have no clue. Right Wing hate sheet? Dunno?

And Sea Monkeys? What a ripoff. Brine Shrimp. Why didn't anyone sue the PANTS off these people for lying to kids and crushing our dreams? Hell, tey are still in business, selling broken dreams and brine shrimp to kids.

2 other emails of note, one telling me to be less nagative, and one telling me i inspire my pal to try to lead a better life.

wow. both correct. I gotta be more positive.

When I was a kid, everyone got Schwinn Krate bikes. I had the Sears Spyder5 version. It eas silver, with a big shifter knob, and I crashed it all the dang time. I saw a link where Apple Krate mint condition will fetch $4,000. OH MY GOD. And the Sears Spyder5? Just saw one go on eBay for $35.

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