Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I went in to work yesterday. Woke up at 6:30, and just felt pretty damn full of vim and vigor, so I drove in. And I used the newly fixed right turn signal on my Isuzu even to just change laned. Tink Tink Tink.... not bzzzzzz. Yay.

Attended my bosses boss's staff meeting, he seemed a little shocked to see me, but I told him there were some things I needed to handle, so I wanted to do my best to come in when I had strength. I am a fighter. Not some daisy pickin weenie-boi.

Okay, well, my back hurt most of yesterday, and I felt like said daisy picker...... After a little work, a few meetings, I left with the idea of sitting through an afternoon matinee. Got to the Great Mall of Milpitas, and found I was 12 minutes late for every movie playing. Recently my mom reminded me that whenever feeling down, her mom, Grandma Sylvia, would indulge in Chinese Food. So there I am at the Mall. Mister Wu's Fast Chinese! I had fried rice, tofu with broccoli, and chinese not spicy chicken. Oh, and a Ginger-Ale. I ate slowly, sitting in the shade at the food court. Then decided I did not want to see a movie anyhow, and my lower back was killing me, so I prepared to go home.

Walked into the parking lot, hit by the sunlight, and I did actually make it TO my truck, before returning all Mister Wu's wonderful food as a burnt offering to the vomit gods. All over the parking lot, just missed my shoes. The security truck was there in no time at all, with a wonderful first question "Step away from the car, have you been drinking?"

"No sir" (sir, the guy is 18 if a day, I have socks older than he is) "I am taking chemotherapy treatment for cancer, and it makes me very ill, I am sorry about the mess, but I need to get out of the sunlight, and on my way"

and I got in the truck, started her up, signalled right, "tink tink tink" and drove away, leaving some stunned teenager with a walkie talkie looking at a stomachfull of sick boy remnants.

Got home and just crawled in bed. My lower back is in such pain I can barely move. If I am lucky, I'll be able to get an appointment with my chiro, and see if she can pop some of it away.

Drank lots of water, just to remain hydranted, and napped the afternoon.

The front of out house has this stucco wall, sort of a fake courtyard, a nice touch, with a gate. The bells hanging on the gate let me know whenever anyone is here, and the postman announced himself with a gentle tinkle. Unlike my neighbor's cat who announces himself with the WAFT of a gentle tinkle....

My Discover Card bill is here. This is the one with the big-ass TV on it. And a few other bills. I wake up, write some checks, rebalance the check book, and go back to sleep till Sara gets home. My back is in spasm, I want to cry.

At Sara's arrival, she rubs my back a little, providing a very temporary relief. We walk the 4 houses to the corner, and back. Just before we get to our house, I see our neighbor Orry. He and his wife Jackie have been living here since 1963. At present, he is restoring a sailboat for one of his pals, and we chat about sailing. Did you know I was the sailing instructor at George W. Pirtle Boy Scout Camp outside Carthage, Texas? Yes, I was. Taught kids to sail on Dolphins and sunflowers.

When I was not doing that, I also taught canoeing, rowing, waterskiing, and swimming. Canoeing was my favorite. They had an Old Town classic wood and canvas canoe that just felt so right under me. The regular scouts just used Grumman metal canoes, but wood and canvas felt alive.

Anyhow, we spoke to Orry about sailing, then came home. Sara cooked some eggs and tortillas, which I kept down, then we modified and reworked her resume a little. Then, I could not move, so I went to bed.

Woke up this morning, and my back is fine. No pain at all, lots flexibility. I have no idea. While taking a shower, however, the Etrophacide caught up with me. My hair is coming out in handfulls. This was supposed to happen Saturday, but, okay, 3 days later....

I am not really too disturbed about the balding. I knew it would happen, and I suppose I set my mind to it. I am disturbed by taking a shower, and having handfulls of hair fall into my mouth! It was icky. hair in my hands, and running down my face, in my mouth, tangled on the soap. Ewww! ick!

After the shower, I did my usual "shoeshine ride" across my head with the towel, and "whapoof!" there was a great shedding and floating cloud of unattached hairs all around me.

I have a lunch appointment to meet my pal Herb Schreib, International Playboy, for lunch at Original Joes in downtown San Jose. I think I'll wear a hat, to keep all the hair close to me, and away from the food.

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