Thursday, September 11, 2003

last night Sara went to SF for dancing with my pal Rebecca, I think she had a good time, I hope so, she needs time out. YAY!

I had a talk a few nights ago with my pal Linda and Sara about poop. Oddly, my co-worker Stacy sent me this link, and I think it is humorously applicable. I hate pooping at work, and here are lists of rules.

It is thursday. I am tired. this is normal. I am scared too.

Had a sortof email disagreement with my mom, who tries very hard to give advice, and make my life better. And she thinks I am a jerk. But guess what. I have Cancer. I have to solve it. I KNOW what is going on. and it is very difficult for someone else to know.

So I gotta handle this on my own, with my friends and family, but in the way I do it. I cannot handle it any other way. PLEASE everyone, figure it out. If the doc says I am gonna barf a lot, I am gonna barf a lot. Please no more hints.

my head hurts and I cannot focus.

OH, yesterday, the brake light and the "rear anti lock warning' light came on on the truck. Yes I have brake fluid, yes I checked out the brakes. I think the anit-lock control unit gave up the ghost. And the turn signal switch for right turns is still broken. And I just cannot work on the goddamn truck now.

I want to cry

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