Friday, September 26, 2003

Last night was swell. Jack and one of his many nieces came over, as well as Kevin with daughter Fiona in tow. We all sat on new giant couch and watched "Viva Las Vegas" Elvis is the king!

then I hit a wall, and fell asleep.

i woke up at 4am and re-arranged my explorer bookmark files. ugh. silliness.

This morning, however, I felt great. I drank 2 cups of OJ (which still tastes like aluminium foil) and toasted TWO whole bagels in the new toaster over I bought yesterday. There are just a few things the house needs, and we have been trying to populate it slowly, but I wanted a damn toaster oven. They are cheap, I went and bought one.

And ate TWO toasted bagels with cream cheese!

Then sat quietly to digest..... The phone rang, arrgghhh! But it was the doctor's office, this is why I leave the phone on. They wanted me to come in for blood count and to see how I was doing, give me liquids if neccesary.

I was great, till I got in my truck and drove over there. Had a little bout of car-sickness, mostly brought on by the dunderheads who drive the streets of San Jose. Okay, you got a car? I am impressed. Impress me more by driving like less of a jackass. When I put my turn signal on, it does NOT mean speed up and get in the lane behind me.

HELLO? LOOK at my TRUCK! it is a 1989 Isuzu shortbed with a camper top. The paint is peeling, and there are dents. I do not give a good goddamn about your new Lexus. I will hit you. I will not even care. Slow the HELL down. And stop honking, I do not care how important you think you are. It's a resedential street, a school zone, AND there are kids out. Hang up and slow down.

If you were really important, they would wait till you got into the office to ask your opinion.

So I get through the hellground that is traffic here, and into the office. Where the receptionista is obviously getting ready to leave for lunch, what AM I doing there?

"Dr. Steve wants MY BLOOD! YOU CALLED ME, oh, nice pants"

It worked. She knew it was humor, and the pants reference totally threw her off guard. A smile. I got a smile.

"Have a seat darlin', I'll get your paperwork RIGHT to the phlebotomist." Wow, she was almost as polite as someone from Texas.

They took my blood, and asked me to go sit for the nurses, to check me out. So I told them I was doing fine, but had to wait a while. Which, for some reason, was making me a little nauseous. No probs, you are fine, go home. Okay,

Walking across the parking lot to my truck, some yuppie jackass in a LEXUS nearly runs me over, AND honks on the horn. She is in a hurry for lunch at the sushi bar across the parking lot, she has her cell phone to her ear, she is trying to park next to me in the "Oncology Patients Parking Lot"

She is honking and yelling. I have my hands to my ears, cause it really hurts. Like, paralyzed, can barely move, sonic death monkey hurts.

She stops honking, and says some snot about "get out of my WAY, I am in a HURR-Y"

So I walk to the door. I point to the clinic. I point to the parking spots marked "oncology patients only" I say "do you know what Oncology is?"

"I am late for a lunch-date, can you MOVE PUH-leeze?"

Listen you idiot. I have cancer. We do chemo-fucking-therapy in that building. I do not give a goddamn about your lunch meeting. I think you are a hideous, ugly, nasty woman, and if you do park here, I swear to god, I will slash every tire, break every window, THEN call the police to have your shitheap Toyota towed away. Make a decision, have a swell day.

She parked there. I could not believe it. She parked there, on the cell phone, got out of her car, looking at me, and walked across the parking lot.

Unfortuately, the sun is out, it is warming up, and I do not have the energy to break glass. But I did let the air out of all 4 tires and take a really nasty Chemo-whizz all over the hood and driver side door handle of her car. Remember how I keep saying chemo whiz smells like puppy pee? It also looks BRIGHT yellow, and tends to have an acidic effect. ON the door handle. She HAS to touch it to get in her car. Lexus is just a fancy Toyota. I don't care what they told you. And touching pee pee is bad.

Then I drove home. Slowly, with the AC on. I hope she got bad fish.

The rest of today will be spent resting. We have dinner tonight at my cousin's house. If I can rest enough, I may have the energy to sit up and be polite the entire evening. L'Shona Tova! all the best for a happy new year.


Today I recieved my first email from someone I do not know, who is reading this blog. And sending me good wishes. Thank you Paul. I hope you are having a good day in Indianapolis, and thank you for the good wishes.

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