Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Sara got home, and we went out in the backyard with a pair of clippers, and got after my hair.

if you go to the Yahoo Photo album, this is what you will see.

#1 Me sportin my A.A. Roedl Excavating hat. Cause you gotta support the family. If you are in Beaver Dam, WI, and need a job done, call Sara's brother Tony.

#2 it is coming out in handfulls

#3 First we got creative, and made a mullet, or a mohawk, I am not sure which. (Note the Bird of Paradise Flowers in the background, Beautiful!

#4 Mullet View #2

#5 cut it all off. I have a bumpy head

#6 with the right light, and angle, I could have a chia head. and have plants coming out my skull

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