Wednesday, September 17, 2003

So I had to do it today. I HAD to prove I could ride. Took the SuperMotard in to chemo! Sporting my mad Hi-Point Motocross Boots, I was a vision! I looked like a regular normal guy. Not a cancer patient.

Got to SouthBay Oncologists, pulled the boots, jacket, helmet, etc, stashed them behind my chair, and had a seat. Today, for some reason, the chemo took a long time to get in me. But they did order lunch in. Yummy sandwich, which I managed to get all the way in. There was some complications, I got a little bruise on my vein, but it is normal.

After chemo, I rode like a fiend. Up Black Mountain Road to hwy 35. Over 35 to 9, where I stopped and was nauseous and barfed all over the parking lot. Fortunately, got helmet off and had enough power to push it past the boots.

Earp! arf arf! Woof!

So I sat in the shade for a while, being calm and sedate. Making sure I had enough energy and focus. Drank some water. Thought about all the people counting on me to make it safe and back home.

Zoom Zoom down 9. I was fine. Got home, took off all the gear, and realize, I will not have enough energy in the weeks to come. So I took a nap. Long nap. woke up feeling a wee tad nauseous. No appetite.

Sara came home, we took another nap. Around 7, wake up, She had to go into work for category rollouts, I get up to walk some. No desire to eat. But had a small bowl of mud pie ice cream. It calmed my stomach. I had a bageldog.

Phone rings, Jack talked to me for a while, very good. I am gonna sleep

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