Sunday, September 14, 2003

So my sister points out that on the top of my web-log there are ads. And they appear to be auto-generated by the content of my log. Right now one is for male infertility, and one is for sperm count. She suggests I type a lot about barfing, to see what comes up. Maybe next week.

Friday night Sara and I closed the TV task. We set our budget, went to 3 different shops looking at TVs, and ended up with a big one. Mitsubishi 55” projection, Silver Series. I think it is actually larger than my first apartment. The idea was we would be able to sit on the couch, and see it across the room, allowing us to leave the room open, and not crowd furniture into a huddle around the TV. Well, we suceeded. This thang is easily viewable, probably from outer space. Remember the part about a budget? Exactly DOUBLE what we said we would spend. Doh! Drove it home in the back of the LLROL, the follies of Sara and I unloading and moving it were probably humorous, to someone. Anyhow, The project is done, the search is over, next step, comfy couch that does not look like I found it on the side of the road.

Saturday morning I woke up tired, and did not get much better. We ate, lunch at Aqui's, then drove to a Home Despot to have them 'color match' some paint. The folks who sold the house had a HUGE entertainment center. Bigger even than our TV. Which never moved away from the wall, till after we bought the house, and found the giant spot they chose not to paint. How do you match a color? You take an x-acto knife, slice a bit of wallboard, about the size of a quarter, drive it to Home Despot, and the kid at the paint counter loads it into a computer, scans it, matches it, and glorp! mixes up a bucket. We can now repaint the giant mistmatched area and be reasonably close. Hurrah!

Napped the afternoon away. Called friends, Rebecca came over for the rest of the weekend, Dale & Joan came over for ice cream & movies. We talked, then sat about the living room, watching Herschell Gordon Lewis' famous "She Devils on Wheels" YAY! Crazed female biker gang. I highly suggest you rent it, blockbuster don't have it? No Problem, Something Wierd Video does!

At the suspenseful high point of the movie, Joan SCREAMED! then Dale SCREAMED! I understood Joan's scream, but not Dale. Ha! She squealed and tossed her glass of wine all over Dale.

OH MY, I laughed! It was wonderful, and really cheered me up.

Speaking of cheered up, Rebecca brought me an "Ugly Doll" to keep me chemo company. Jeero! I have Jeero. Apparently, he makes no decisions, and answers no questions. Much the way I feel at the end of the day. YAY Rebecca. She also brought me a Tiara. Sara says we'll duct tape it on if I am hairless.

I don't know what Monkey thinks about it all, but will see.

Sunday was eating tour. Since I may not have much appetite, we ate like piglets. For breakfast I made Migas. Yummy Yummy Migas. Not quite up to the famous El Arroyo brunch in Austin, they were still really yummy..

Then had showers, and drove to Southern Lumber tolook at different woods. Sara is working with our pal Mark Alpen, to design and build custom furniture for our house, but we need to decide on woods. Southern Lumber has one of the best selections around, so we checked it out.

Then over to Road Rider, to look at motorcycle stuff. No buying, just looking. Road Rider is like Target for bikers. they have everything.

Next to Dairy Belle,
for milkshakes. This IS an eating tour.

Back toward the house, we stopped at the Almaden Cinema, and watched the movie "Once Upon a Time in Mexico". Wow! How cool I won't try to review it, I'll just say wow.

After the show, we went to the house to clean up, pee, and get ready for more eating. Drove over to Santana Row, this hank yuppie, hell, I do not even know what to call it. Like, a shopping mall, with condos. Sort of a built up mall/resort, in the middle of town, a totally fabricated city. Rebecca's best comment was "I like the urban idea, it will be cool in a few years, you know, when it is not so sterile, and a little run down & seedy"

But we went there, cause that's where the new "Blowfish" sushi bar is open. WAY too trendy for me, but I enjoyed it. Yummi dead raw fishies!

After dinner, however, I was banging off the rev limiter. No energy left. Had to have Sara drive the truck home, and Rebecca rode back up to her home, in SF. We got home, and I took a bit to relax, then typed this up.

It is 8:10pm. I go in for my first chemo appointment at 9:15am tomorrow. we are in that final stretch. Did I mention I am scared? Well, I am. Trying to keep a positive mental attitude, but still scared like hell. Tomorrow, I will know, at the end of the day, what is really happening. I will know how much time I need to absorb the drugs, and I will know if I can drive, or need to be driven.

This is the Logistics plan, BTW: Sara can drop me off every day, if I cannot drive. Then I will set a schedule, and ask people for rides. If I need it. So Monday night, I will email and call around, and set things up for the rest of the week.

Best case scenario? I can do it myself.

You know what runs through your mind when you are about to take chemo? It is wierd, just blank, raw anxiety. What WILL happen next? It's kinda like the first time you talk a girl out of her clothes. Once the battle is won, you all of a suden have no idea what will happen next. Will you be good enough? Will it be funny? Will it be scary? Same feelings.

Well, that and fear of needles! Think good thoughts for me tomorrow. More tomorrow night.

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