Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Tuesday I felt great. Well, as great as can be. Sara was happy, she found a couch. We will slowly populate the house with the right bits of furniture, and make it a comfy home, that does not look like monkeys and bachelors live here.

So we stopped by the bank, and withdrew a large stack of Benjamins. I prefer dealing with Benjamins when purchasing furniture. At least the lady in the shop will remember Sara, and be nice to her on the next visit, right? Oh yeah! The folks at the Black Sea Gallery in Willow Glen will remember Miss Hammer. We bought a Sofa with a Chaise lounge on the right side. It looks kind of like this Chaise, but with a big sofa attached.

I could be wrong. I remember some gold, big pillows, and a happy Sara. It'll be delivered tomorrow.

Then I got all excited and went to the office. I thought it would be a quick trip, I would have lunch with Stacy, then come home. Once I got there, of course, there were a few things I wanted to take care of, and a few people to greet, and some schmoozing, then finally Stacy and I left for lunch. Thai Orchid on first street. I had Tom Kha Shrimp soup. NO spice. It was filling, and the chicken broth gave me tons energy.

On the way back to work, chatting was limited, cause the horrible ringing in my ears. Cisplatin has that side effect.

After returning, it was too hot outside, and I simply set the AC in the truck to MAX, and drove home. Anything else for the day was lost, the plan was cool, inside, rest, not get sick. I took one of the ORAL anti-nausea pills. Odd thing about those pills. The "keister rockets" are the size and shape of Flash Gordon's Rocketship. But the oral ones are about the size of a grain of sand. Hmmm someone's idea of a joke.

The Home AC is set to 76. I am naked, sprawled on the bed, with a fan on me, and panting. Why is the heat so bad? I think, as I pass into oblivion, and nap the rest of the afternoon away. Sara comes home at 6:30, and is happy. Apparently, even though the sun has not set, it is NOT a million degrees outside. We are not sure if the heatwave has broken, but by 7:30, we opened the windows of the house, and a cool breeze was coming in. This helped me indredibly.

Drank lots of fluids, cause I gotta hydrate, all the time. And we took a small walk. Just to the end of the street and back. really, only 3 or 4 houses worth, but tried to walk.

Phoned my folks, sometimes talking is better than email, even if my ears are ringing, and I want to cry because it feels like everyone is screaming, even when they are not. Checked a little emails, have some wonderful freinds, cannot eat, watch a movie, then go to bed

the heat yesterday nearly did me in, but it seems to have cooled off some last night, and now, about 9am, the sun is not burning, and it is not heating up. Maybe the heat wave broke?

and I will have some relief?

One of the Cisplat side effects is ringing ears, and mine fill like they are fill of cotton balls, soaked in gin, set afire, to the beat of 1000 tom toms of war.


Today will be resting in bed. no matter what.

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