Tuesday, October 28, 2003

6 hours south. The fires are more than six hours SOUTH of me. Thanks everyone for asking. But really, California is a LONG, Narrow state, and the fires are south of Los Angeles. To put it in perspective for my pals from Texas, If I were in Austin, these fires would be in Brownsville.

More chemo today. I still have the needle in my arm. Ick, oh, Ick. it will last for 3 days, and they want to use it that long, it assists in keeping my veins less "ropey" it also makes me sick like you cannot believe. Needles, Ick!

My good pal Flash sent me 3 books about adventures, Monday I read about some Englishmen who rode BSA motorcycles in 1961 trying to trace the trail of Marco Polo. Amazingly, one of the bikes actually ran the whole time.

Today I read about some fellows in the mid 1980s who drove a GMC Sierra pickup truck from Tierra Del Fuego to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. in 23 days.

yay flash.

Today my pal Ethan picked me up in his MONSTER Dodge Ram 2500. What a truck. Big, powerful, comfortable. Oh, I had truck envy.

Got home, drank fluids, ate a corn dog and a bagel dog, and am waiting for Sara to come home.

light headache, mild nausea, very tired.

I have the new desk out in my truck, we are not strong enough to get the package in the house. I think I will wait till saturday, or have someone help, then just try to get the box inside.

I feel once the box is in the house, I can do it step by step with Sara's help.

no big.

must rest. needle, hard to type.

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