Tuesday, October 07, 2003

California is a totally screwed up state. They have reported the election over and results as final at 7:45pm,. Even thought ballots are open till 8PM. In Texas, they report % of ballots in, and % of numbers as the night goes on. So who knows? Me, I do not care. It is just gonna cost me more to live here.

So, after a whole day at doctors office learning about my kidneys, I was actually hungry. at 3:30 I went to taco bell on almaden/branham got the #8 combo and was sitting eating crap I would not usually eat, even if not sick.

Apparently this is THE PLACE to go after school, and by 3:45 was full of dumbass high school kids, morons, every single goddamn one of them. Our country is in BIG trouble if these bozos are our only hope.

I am there, bald, in a Hawaiian shirt, eating crap, finished, gathered all my trash, walked to the trash can by the door, held it open, shoveled all the trash into it, then held it open one second more, and …..

barfed every bit of the food right back into it.

one retch


but I mean, RIGHT INTO IT, did not miss a drop, and it came out with FORCE. like a big barf fire hose right into the mucking trash can.

ONE, ONE of the guys, who was obviously young went “wow! Cool!” it was hilarious, all the chicks were grossed as this hairless abomination in a Hawaiian shirt regurged all meal in one quick BLARFFF


what would a REAL trooper do?

back to the register, "ummm, I am still hungry, can I get 2 bean burritos to go"

They made those things faster than I have ever seen. like, usually, order, wait 10-20 minutes,... nope, WHAM “here, bye, go now please, thank you”

I ate one in the truck on the way home, and tossed the other when I got home, fired a kiester rocket to help with nausea and took a nap.

Initially, I was afraid to blog this, because Sara will know I went to taco bell, which I rant and rail against as having crappy food.

But my pal Julia told me I must, and that “you are sick -- you get a free pass on food”

BARF! … one stream of taco grande puke! Not one drop missed, right through the door and into the can. I’m a target vomiting machine! You KNOW this will be a good skill for drinking games

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