Saturday, October 11, 2003

Friday was extremely difficult. It was my third "all day chemo marathon", where the hope is to hydrate the heck out of me, so my kidneys can continue to take the cisplatin. all day. 8:30 am til 5pm. Sitting in a chair, watching fluid just drip into you. I keep telling myself, be positive, come december you will be all better. But man, all day long.

In effort to bring cheer, I have tried to wear a different hat every day this cycle. Wednesday was stamdard baseball cap. Thursday was an orange & black striped "Cat in the Hat" hat my pal Lissa gave me, and Friday was the Pirate hat Rick Cramer sent me. I have Monday & Tuesday of next week, and do have 2 more caps. unfortunately, I left my favorite black beret with the ex-wife, so no Beret. S'okay, i swiped it from another gal years ago, so no loss.

also took photos Friday, will try to post them, showing what chemo chair and room looks like.

In addition, I promised Mary the nurse a pirate joke on Friday to go with the hat. Here is the Pirate joke, it is not an original, I cannot remember where I heard it though.

A young sailor is walking along an avenue in Cartegena, you know, on the old Spanish Main. He sees a pirate with a wooden leg, hook and eyepatch. So the young sailor walks up and asks "ahoy pirate, how'd you lose your leg?"

The pirate replies "you know, the pirate life is hard on a man, but we try to keep good attitude, and move along. The leg, quite amazing actually, we were engaging a French Frigate, hoping for plunder and a faster ship. lead filled the air, it was a supreme battle, then, all of a sudden, I heard the boom of an 8 pounder, and the darn cannonball took my leg right below the knee. Fortunately we had a good doctor on the ship. He was able to save the knee, and the ships carpenter made me this leg. I've learned to use it, and hardly miss my old one. You have to keep positive to be a pirate!"

"Wow," remarked the young sailor, "that is truly amazing and good you can keep such an attitude. How about the hook?"

"You know sonny, once you have a peg, the jobs on board a pirate ship get a bit harder, and the crew works with you more, But positive attitude and drive, you can do anything. We were moored off the coast of Belize, and saw a Spanish Galleon, so it was all speed to raise the anchor and drop the sails for pursuit. She sat low in the water, we were sure a full load of dubloons! My job was helping raise the anchor, and wouldn't you blast the luck, a wee tiger shark was holdin the chain. I reached to knock him off, and SNAP! he took me hand! Again, we had a good doc, he made a clean cut. Once the stump healed, he worked with the ships smithy, and they fashioned me this hook. I've learned to use it, and hardly miss my old one. You have to keep positive to be a pirate!"

"Brilliant" says the young sailor, "but the eyepatch?"

"Ahhh, now that's a sad one. Shortly after I got the hook, well, tragic truly, I looked up to the heavens, and well, Bird poop!, I'll never get over that one. Took me own eye with the hook."


that's my pirate joke.

After I got home from all day chemo yesterday, I slept. And slept. I'd get up to go pass water, and I have been making a strong effort to take in double the water that comes out. I will not let myself deheydrate, but it is not easy. The cisplat has brought back the ringing ears, so I am in earplugs most of the time now. Loud noises, heck, any noise is a pain.

I thought I'd be able to do a little something today, but I am really too tired and worn. Chemo drugs take a lot out of the body. I'll be in bed off and on all day.

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