Monday, October 06, 2003

I am at such a loss, I barely know what to write, so I will start with the Good Stuff!

sunday sara and I drove over to Kevin's house. Once his daughters Sophia and Fiona arrived, we piled into his car and drove to Sears Point to watch Motorcycle Races. Well, and to say hello to as many pals as I could. I placed a hat, water, long sleeve shirt, juice bags (I am told they are not called BOXES, but id you say Juice Bags fast enough, well, it could be misunderstood) I took anti-nausea pills, sunscreen, a bottle of spray water, I took a backpack with food and drink and everything the travelling cancer boi may need.

We all got to Sears, discarded the "turn left park on the hill" instructions, drove straight to Jack's pit, and parked right there. Big hugs from Jack, and everyone ran around like mad hooligans trying to take it all in. I cannot list who all I saw, or missed, or was glad to see, or wanted to talk to more, but it was wierd, not many people recognize my new "Vin Diesel" look. Oh, and Linda flashed me. Sort of (sportsbra, damn) :)

We saw some racing, we saw some freinds, we distributed some hugs, Sara played with the girls, then around 2, I ran out of steam, and we all came home. Adventurous driving in San Francisco brought us great views of the beach, Ft. Funston, and a little more coast before we got back on the highway.

Got home, around 4-ish, and was very tired. Rested a bit, then met Joanne at Fiesta Del Mar in Mt. View. Sure it's cali-mex, but the Fiesta Del Mar Enchiladas are very much like the Enchiladas Del Mar from El Arroyo in Austin, and I happily pretended I was somewhere else, while scarfing a belly full of food.

It even stayed in me! Of course I fired some Kiester Rockets beforehand, just to make sure. Got home and was sound asleep by 9:30.

Monday! Big day. Round 2 of the Chemo begins. Yom Kippur also. Think about all your sins and ask repentance for last year. Ya know what? I am pretty sure I am getting about 5 years worth of sins out of the way with all this chemo.

Blood test at 9:30. Then weighed me. 172! woo hoo! I gained a pound since last week! Then meet with Dr. Steve.

Uhhh, wrench in the works. Remember back 2 mondays ago, when I was all deheydrated and sickly? Well that did some 'bad things' to my blood counts, and worried it could be bad for my kidneys. Let's re-strategize. Maybe switching from Cis-Platin to Carbo-Platin would help. But we would need to add in the Bleomycin to help.

Uhhh, NO. I mean, I got sick that one weekend, cause I was not forcing enough fluid down me. I know the drill now. Let's stick to Cis-Platin. It's the testicular Cancer BOMB! and NO bleomycin, that stuff messes up your lungs.

Well, Okay, lets do some tests, and see what we can learn. The bloodwork for the kidneys is already done. But I need to do a Pulmonary Stress test to see what shape my lungs are in.

We decide to wait and NOT do chemo today. We will get some more test results, and finalize the decision tomorrow at 8am. This part is normal, adjusting and tweaking. But more tests needed.

The receptionist calls and schecules, Oct 14. NO, we gotta do this TO_Day! She calls back, using the magic medical word "Stat" and I am scheduled for today at 12:45. Don't eat, don't drink, and oh yeah, there is a risk of heart attack during this test, just so you know. See ya tomorrow.

EEEK! Now I have some stress. What are they gonna DO to me? Treadmills with hoses in my throat and up my butt? Electrodes on my heart? C-Clamp on my remaining Testicle? I am having visions of Dr. Mengele's torture chamber of horrors. oh my, breathe in breathe out, this will be okay. Heart attack, Oh god.

I have 2 hours before I am supposed to be at the hospital. I bite the bullet, stop at Fry;s and buy the cheapest Norelco Razor they have. This will help trim the short hair that is still growing, and fallig out randomly. For some reason, I thought a Norelco Razor was like, a $20 item. uhhh, no. the TOP of the line that you can shower with AND it squirts goo on you runs $250. NO THANKS! I buy the $100 boring, shave and not cut your skin up one.

Welcome back to O'Connor Regional. Where I meet Mike, the Pulmonary Stress Test Tech.

And he shows me the test equipment. I sit in a chamber, which is open for MOST tests, and breathe into a tube. That's it. Well, it is HARD breathing, and can make you lightheaded, and yes, some pateints do have heart attacks, but don't worry, you are in great shape, it is just deep breaths and shallow breaths, you will be fine.

After 17 repetitions, I am seeing stars, and understand how it COULD make some folks have issue, but not me. I am just tired after all is done.

75-100 is normal, I score 74. So I am a little on the low end of the lung scale, but not in any danger. This is good data for Dr. Steve, we will make an informed decision tomorrow, and start chemo R2 then. I will make up a day NEXT monday, then go back on regular schedule for the remianing 2 cycles.

this is not a setback, it is just gathering data, and making the best decision reguarding my kidneys.

Okay. And, NO Heart Attack! whew.

I am behind in emails, I need to call my cousins and decline diner tonight, I am wore out, and I meet with my attorney at 5, to figure out how to get out of the wheelie ticket.

I know a boy who is gonna sleep good tonight. and this afternoon.

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