Friday, October 24, 2003

Last night I was on the bathroom floor at 3am barfing the pasta Sara made for dinner. Barfing Pasta, good Pasta soft. till it comes shooting out your sinuses at speed. then Pasta BAD, very bad.

and I am laying on the floor, sweating, trying to get pasta out of my nose, thinking all negative "my life sucks, i'm naked and sweating on the bathroom floor, with long stringy snot covered pasta bits coming out my nose."

My pal Jack always tells me, 'when you've been staring at something too long, turn the binoculars around and look through the other side.' Which is probably some drunken Irish way of saying "change your perspective, change your attitude"

then I turned the binoculars around, and started laughing. You see, Sara DID tell me to chew better so it would be in smaller pieces!

Then I am laying on the floor, naked, sweating, stringy pasta snot, and just laughing my butt off. I will live. I will conquer this. I will chew my food more.

It's 11:45am, and I have beeen answering emails, doing a little work, but generally, have not got out of bed for more than to take anti-nausea pills. My plans for today involve much more laying around. Sara mentioned playing in the garden this weekend, and a light, close to home sort of plan.

I'd like to try to go to the hobby shop with my pal Kevin, to look at Park Flyers, maybe Saturday early. Then I do not know what else. James & Tara may stop by Sunday afternoon to pick up a box of model train stuff I have for him. And Lionel & Jen might be in town, will see. Chris mentioned gardening, I will send him an email, maybe he'll come help Sara.

My only plan is to try to cook some Bayou Magic 10 bean soup for dinner tonight. Bayou Magic, "Be a Magician in Your Kitchen!"

OH, and I finally have OMJ's Spanish Rice recipe, but the RM Quigg's rice has not made it here yet. Since I start round 3 Monday, I suspect no rice for me for about 2 weeks.

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