Tuesday, October 14, 2003

On my way in to chemo today, I got lost. Disoriented at first, then just plain lost. I was driving around in downtown Campbell, trying to figure out where the HELL Winchester and Hamilton are, and I could not find any landmarks. Then I got car sick, cause everyone else drives so goddamn fast in the morning.

So I pulled over in a shell station, got out, barfed in their bushes, and consulted my trusty map. 3 blocks north, 3 blocks east, easy as pie. But it scared me.

Leaving Chemo yesterday, I saw the sushi bar, which advertises "Udon Noodles Lunch" and thought I may want some.

Well, got into chemo today, and that was what they ordered for lunch. Nice. Very nice.

Took all my meds, finished the second Chemo round. Now I have to live out the rest of this week, and Next week (2nd week is always better) and start up 3rd round.

My plans are to remian hydrated as possible.

Got hoome from Chemo, and the front of the house (my bedroom too) just STANK like cat piss. So if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. I mixed a 50-50 bleach and water solution, and sprayed the front courtyard, walls, windows, pathways, etc. It smells less like cat piss.

Tomorrow, I will try to go to work for a bit, then need to be at chemo clinic for a NewLasta(sp) shot to rebuild blood cells.

After all that, we will see what energy I have. If I smell more cat piss, it is straight to the feed& seed for a fence charger and some wire.

If that does not work, I will try another liberal spraying. No bleach, but .12 ga Lead.

It is probably a nice cat. And the people who owned this place had a cat & dog, so there are territory issues, I understand. But I have Cancer. My smell is like, OVER sensitive, so are my ears. and cat piss, Nah, I do not need to live with cat piss.

Sara just got home and needs hugs, she was on call late last night.


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