Friday, October 17, 2003

potentially one of the worst days yet. Hydrated all yesterday. came in this morning to do same. and they are worried I will not get enough fluid over the weekend.

do we check me into the hospital? do we arrange for home health care?

I drove myslef in this morning cause I was feeling bettter, and I had not made any prior arrangements with anyone else. I am very bad about this part. I know. I hate relying on other people, especiallyt when I have no solid schecdel


At 3pm, the decision was made to leave the vein port IN my arm for the weekend. there is a tube sticking RIGHT out of my FUCKING ARM, and just looking at it makes me want to barf.

Sara's gonna be gone most of this weekend. So I am kinda winging it.

The nurses arranged to have a home health care nurse drop by the house Saturday at 3pm. This nurse will hook me to a 2 litre fluid bag, that will pump through the port sticking out of my arm.

I need to not knock the port on anything, or barf all over it.

and lay low at the house. The bag changes sunday afteroon.

Monday monring, I will arrange a ride to the doctors office at 8:45, where they will take blood, then remove the vein port from my arm.

and hopefully I will be able to take in normal fluid over the next week.

Except for the fact that there is a huge goddamn THING sticking out of me, that makes me barf every time I look in the general direction, and my appeetitie is totally shot.

i hate being on chemo. I hate this.

wilth all best hopes, I sould be able to eat normally for a few days next week.

i want to cry

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