Thursday, October 16, 2003

So if I am gonna post on this, I gotta keep doing it, even on the really bad days. Splitting the chemo over the weekend was really bad for me. I was sick all saturday & sunday, then restarted Monday & Tuesday.

Yesterday I felt okay in the morning, and went into the office for a brief visit. Then to the Chemo, to get a NewLasta shot. It is supposed to help rebuild blood cells. On the way home, I got a little car sick.

then it just kept getting worse. Nausea, inability to drink, dehydration setting in.

By 9pm Wednesday night, I thought I was gonna barf my toes up, but there was nothing but dry heaves. I could not even take in capfuls of water. I knew I was deheydrating overnight, and tried to drink, but was losing the battle. Nightmares about my gums pulling away from my teeth, and my eye sockets drying out.

woke this morning, really weak, and Sara took me to the clinic. 2500ml fluid through the vein in my left hand. All day.

and I still do not feel good. I am going back tomorrow for more.

I fired a procompazine (kiester missile) but am also nauseous.

the fluid helped, but my belly keeps saying "barf" and it hurts to drink

I cannot split chemo over a week. this week is horrible.

tomorrow, more fluid, and will see how the weekend goes. Next week is supposed to be my 2nd week of recovery. you know, the one where I can eat and stuff. today, it does not feel like it will be any use.

positive attitude. one foot in front of the other, will get through this. ow.

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