Saturday, October 04, 2003

So, My hair is falling out. Even after using clippers, there is a trail of 1/4" fur trailing me. I am not supposed to use a blade to shave, cause if I cut myself, it may not stop bleeding. But I could not stand it anymore, and shaved my head.

Well, actually, I shaved 3/4 of my head. I have no idea how you shave the back of your head, and I even thought about how my pal James would approach it.

Then I admitted defeat and got Sara to help me. It was a pretty terrifying 15 minutes. Women have no idea how to shave, even though they shave more of their bodies than we do. I am ever so grateful for her help, but it is pretty scary letting someone else shave you.

I am now bald. And not handsome at all. I look like a dumbass. Vin Diesel nothing, I look like the window lickin' kid on the back of the short bus.

that is all.

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