Sunday, October 26, 2003

Spent most of today in bed. Should have been high energy day, but something was just not in place. Megan came by and picked up 2 boxes of stuff she is gonna help sell for me on eBay, Sara washed her motorcycles, and did a buttload of yardwork, Matt came by on his way home form a great MC ride, and told me all about it.

Last night Rebecca came over, and we all watched movies and ate ice cream. Oh, and went out for dinner. Maybe that was what sapped all the energy for today.

I recieved not one, but TWO caps from pals of mine, Who bought them from the same wonderful place. I gotta say, I have WAY too many hats now, but these are fun:

Paul and Dee sent me one that says "Fuck Cancer" and Alan & Michele sent me one that says "Cancer Sucks"

people react well to them in public too! I gotta send thank you notes.

AND, I am sick and tired of my 5 year old printer cart that I am using as a desk. I cannot justify spending the big bucks like on Sara's desk, so I am gonna break down and buy some particle board crap, but I want a larger desk, that will allow me to set up all my computer junk, and get rid of a bunch of boxes, and be a little better organized.

Unfortunately, I did not get this done today, so it will have to wait a few weeks.

tomorrow, Round 3.

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