Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Up and in traffic to chemo up at 8:30 am. the needle went into my veins at 8:45, and stayed there till 5:00pm. The new routine sees me taking about 2000ml of saline, in addition to the Cisplatin, Etrophacide, and a new drug called man-something that makes this man need to go whizz more often.

I also got a new anti-nausea pill, but forgot the name of it. Somehting like Enxcit or something, that helps. What really helps is all the fluids, and tha Atavan in the IV.

Sitting in a clinic all day, well, I like the nursing staff, they try really hard to make this easy on me. But really, sitting in the clinic all day stinks. I cannot DO anything, and the poisions they pump in kind of freak me out. However, they are gonna kill the cancer, and allow me to live.

Thanks to Robert Kennedy, he sent me "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson, off my amazon wish list. Bryson is an author more than scientist, and starts with the big bang, and gives a short, layman's version of how we got from there to here. I started this morning, and am 217 pages into it. Bang - opening of the Atomic Age. Fascinating stuff. Like Hawking's "Brief History of Time" yet easier to read, and with really cool ancedotes.

I spoke to some other patients, some are positive, and you know they are gonna live. Some are not, and they whine a lot. Positive Attitude, even when forced, is the KEY to surviving Chemo.

Got off the tube, bleah, I hate needles. They keep telling me they can leave it in overnight, making it easier on tme the next morning. Wrap it with tape & Gauze. The chances of me walking out of that clinis with a needle hanging out of my arm are about the same as a red assed babboon flying out of my butt with a bouquet of flowers singing "Maria" from West Side Story.

I HATE needles.

Got home, had some soup. Drank some water, took some leaks. Chatted with my sweetie pie. Answered some Email. Talked to folks on the phone, then watched a DVD my mom sent me, closed off watching a dvd from netflix, and am laying in bed typing. My stomach feels like it is on fire, my left arm is tingly (normal from chemo) my head is pounding, and I have earplugs in.

this is day 1 of round 2. I will fo thru Friday, then resume Monday & Tuesday. Eeek. I do not feel strong enough. But thinking about all my freinds sending me good wishes is helping.

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