Thursday, October 02, 2003

Went to work yesterday, trying to deal with my finance person in swcotland, who apparently has a NEED for us to be on the telephone together to solve a problem. Nah, email will not work. When I get better, I am gonna GO to Scotland, just to meet this person. Usually she does miracles. Yesterday was not.

Left work, ran to grocery, started BBQ grill, smoked some meat for last night, then ran to Alan's office. We managed to close the deal on the condo. YAY! I lost big bucks in the California Real Estate Market. $10,799.25 check from me at close. BUT, they forgot to prorte in the Property Tax, add another $602. YAY! I spent $11,000 to give away my condo. Yes, my anus is sore. Yes, I cannot sit down. Yes, I realize most of this was due to how I financed the condo.

It is my cherished hope that I will be able to regain some of that at income tax time. If not, I just gave away my condo, AND a new truck.

BUT looking on the bright side, we do have a wonderful house, and we do not have to pay $2,500 per month for the condo, where we no longer live. So really, in about 6 months, i will be better off than had I kept the condo. Boy the new house is nice. Ouch, my ass hurts.

Got back home, and all pals came over. Eric & Lissa, Jack, Sara, Dale & Joan, we bbqd lots of meat & veggies, and ate and talked smack, and it was wonderful. Plus, Eric took my grandmother's television to replace the one he has in the basement. So there is more life left in it. YAY.

I slept like a rock. in 4 more days, I start round 2 of chemo. :(

The short hair left on my head, it is also falling out, in patches. I look like a mangy dog.

yes, it is time for a nap, I am cranky.

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