Friday, October 03, 2003

Woke up early & queasy today. But I had a meeting I really needed to attend, so I went to work. On the way, I phoned my buddy James. We talked about my posting, and he was pretty impressed at my recollection, as well as the fact that his kitchen is one of my 'comfort memories'.

Apparently the entire holdup on the Spanish Rice production has been the location of the ONE KEY ingredient. R.M. Quigg's Spanish Rice Mix(tm). They stopped carrying it at his neighborhood grocer a few years back, so he stopped making the dish. Sure, he experimented a little, but it was not quite correct. And for a perfectionist, correct is everything.

I begged him to just send me the recipe anyhow, and I will improvise, so that is in the works. Till then, I did a little internet research, lo and behold, New Iberia, LA! RM Quigg!

So I've emailed James to find out if this is the correct rice, pending his okay, and wich size bag is required, I'll be able to order the KEY ingredient! YAY!

After the meetings at work, I somewhat hit a wall, and had to go home. And rest. I slept most of the day, and it looks like any thought of going out tonight is crushed, I am simply worn out.

Alan called, the escrow has officially closed, I no longer own the condo, official like. Whew, there's $11k out of my back pocket. So, Charles, what WOULD you have done with $11k spare? I am thinking about the Dodge Dakota Club Cab. Not as big as a full size truck, but not a 'mini' truck either. With a solid motor, and a real size bed.

But Charles, Ford Truck guy from long time back. Even a Chevy Suburban. What happened?

Joe the red headed menace says the Dakota is a solid motor, and a good value. That's what.

However, as the Rev. Jesse is so fond of saying, "The Point is MOOT!" All my money gone to unloading the condo, and that's that. Maybe next year sometime. Till then, we'll ignore the dash lights on the Isuzu, and spray a little more silver Krylon over the oxidizing paint. Yay! Country Boy can live.

I'm queasy. This is the second week of 'recovery' from the chemo, and I still get queasy. My hair is falling out in patches, I have really bald parts, and slightly bald parts. I look like a dang mangy dog, and my guts hurt. Monday morning I start infusions again. Oh joy.

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