Thursday, October 23, 2003

Woke up with odd amounts of energy this morning, so I drank lots of water, took my nausea pills, and decided I needed to get SOMETHING done. I cannot just lay around. Maybe small things. Maybe, like, OH! I could get rid of stuff!

My pal Julz significant other is developing a strong attachment to the Superhawk. So I called her over, she took the spare tank, windscreen, bodywork, etc... 2 LARGE boxes of stuff, GONE!

Then I went through my toy chest. When I was in college, I bought a 'Wild West" wooden toy box at a garage sale. The cowboy on the front has a "S" on his shirt. S? Statman? Cowboy? How cool! Ever since, it has been filled with a collection of mysterious toys and junk. Well, today I cleaned out a large amount of the junk.

Then I went through the toys, and thought, "What could go on eBay?" and started making a pile. And cleaned the chest out more. Then I went to the bathroom closet. I have a roomy bathroom closet, it is full of toy motorcycles and models, and miscellany. I really like toys. But added a bunch of them to the pile.

Then out to the garage, what else could I sell on eBay? I came up with 2 very large boxes of things that really really COULD go away, and I would not mind.

However, I am about to start chemo round 3 on Monday, and will not be able to handle all the packing and shipping and dealing.... So I emailed my pal Megan. She has been helping pur other freind Matthew sell off some of his stuff, and seems to have a good working arrangement. She picks it up, sells it, takes a commission, gives him a spreadsheet of costs, etc.. and a check. Helps everyone out. My stuff dissapears, I don't have to think about it. I get a little money, she gets a little money, everybody wins. She's gonna try to come by tomorrow.

Then I realized I was starting to run low, so I ate a little, drank some fluids, and had a big old nap.

This evening Sara did some gardening work, involving moving past the SCARECROW. So she turned it off. and forgot to turn it back on. Hmmm. CAT PEE!. Set it back on, made a few test fires, we are back online. I ALSO walked over to my neighbor Florence's house, to tell her what was going on. I made it very clear I was NOT unhappy with her, and I know we cannot control cats, but that I have this sprinkler thing, and why, and not to be worried if JoJo comes home wet, but it will help me if he does not piss up my house all the time. She was very understanding and agreeable, and all good-neighborly about it.

I still think I am gonna borrow a live trap from Lissa, trap the little scum-bag and unload a bladder full of chemo whiz on him before letting him go. Will see. If Lissa finds out, she probably won't loan me her trap.

Sara made some wonderful pasta for dinner, and so far, I've managed to keep it in. YAY Sara.

Then our pal Mark came by to deliver the custom made nightstands. OH MY. Hot-ROD nightstands deee-luxe. This man works wood like an artist. These are beautiful. Sara also told me her father is restoring Sara's Steamer Trunk, which will go at the end of the master bed. YAY! Cool things with meaning.

Finally, before I sign out and sleep, I got the nicest thought today from my pal Rebecca. I cannot get her words right, but basically, she said she wished she could help me, by standing in for a day or so, as a substitute to handle the pain.

Of course there is NO way this could happen, but it sure is a nice thought. Like, if I could just have one strong, normal day, and someone else stood in my shoes. What a lovely thought to be willing to make that offer.

BUT! This stuff? I would not wish it on anyone. It is hard, and I need to bear it to survive. No one else can magically stand in for me. And if they could, I would not let them. It is too painful.

Sure, there are some people I might think about handing it over too. Yes, I DO have a list. There are people on my list, but even them, well, this is nasty stuff.

I'll live with it through december...... but thanks Rebecca.

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