Monday, October 13, 2003

YAY! at 8:45am this morning, Dr. Steve told me my Kidney Markers are in a very healthy range. We are STILL working with Cisplatin! This is my silver bullet, remember, the BEST drug to defeat this cancer. So our strategy of hydration is helping.

By the way, I won the battle this weekend, no major barfs. I was able to keep most all stuff in me.

Last night, however, I had the wierdest dreams. My pal's Eric & Lissa live in a wonderful Victorian over in the Rose Garden. They have 2 pet rabbits and a Giant bird named Rainbow who hates me. Anyhow, I dreamed the bunnies had gone mad, a'la Monty Python Killer Bunnies, and were slowly munching someone to bits. But I did not know whom.

Then Eric walks in, in a full silver glittery (NON Sigfreid & Roy) Ringmasters outfit with a top hat, and announces to all of us that he now owns the four most brilliant trained dalmations in the world. They are Named after the cardinal points of the compass, and when commanded to SIT, they will go and face the correct direction as named. e.g. North faces North, South faces South, etc.

Then there was an interval of Eric performing the most amazing tricks, with 4 dalmations, in the parlor. We were all enchanted. Lissa was in a frenzy of not wanting more pets, but being dazzled by Eric's mastery of the dogs, then,

well, then I had to wake up and go to the bathroom. I will never know what happened to the dogs, But I am sure it is a message that as soon as I am a little stronger, I need to go visit Eric & Lissa. :)

Someone sent me a copy of "Boy's Life Magazine" last week, I could not recognize the name on the shipping envelope, nor the city. But looking through it, I must say, they sure tried to get Boy Scouts to sell an awful lot of junk. Seeds, magazines, artwork, promotional packets, who knows. And the ads! Woo Hooo! "Dad, This is why I want a suzuki Trailhopper 90!" YAY! Minibikes!

Then today the Jones family from Texas sent me a black watch cap from LL Beans. I believe this is a pal of my mom's, but need to get correct address for TY notes.

Jim, Joe, Chris, some of you austin Boys, GO to OMJ's house, and FORCE him to transcribe the spanish Rice recipe for me.

Finally, before I sign off and rest, Cat Piss.

Yes, Cat Piss.

My neighbor Florence has a black oriental short hair cat named JoJo. He looks a little like Bob The Cat, but is very very not cool. JoJo's favored pastime is to climb onto the wall by my bedroom window, and piss.

and piss

and spray

then piss in the plants

then cat piss in the trees

basically, the whole front quarter of our house smells like cat piss.

And it wafts in the window, hitting my ultra sensitive nose bits, and makes me gag.

Unfortunately, by the time I smell it, he is gone. I cannot get UP fast enough to splash him with the water hose. Or the .12 Gauge for that matter.

and she is a nice lady, I don't want to hurt her cat, to a fatal point. But I am tired of the waft of cat piss.

I believe we may try spraying a light bleach solution over the corner of the house tonight, to see if it helps any. If not, I may need to take a trip to the local feed & seed, and pick up an electric fence charger kit. Just a few rolls of highly whack concertina,..........

Tomorrow is my last day of 2nd cycle of chemo. yay.

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