Saturday, October 25, 2003

YAY! My pals have rallied, I have rides covered for next weeks Round 3 of chemo.

Miscellaneous: Do not renew your cell phone contract just yet. I was talking with my pal Elaine, and realized, most people do not know that there are some cahnges coming November 24.

my basic misunderstanding is you will be able to get your cell phone number to follow you if you change service companies. Now if this is true, they will be pushing everyone to renew a 2 year contract, asap, so you do not jump as soon as you can. I'm just gonna wait and see, cause I think the market will get VERY cut-throat, with all sorts of wonderful possibiliites for the customer.

Tuesday Morning! Please give a good thought for Sara's younger sister Kate, who'll be exploring employment possibilities with a job interview.

Tuesday Afternoon! My kid sister Sherry has an initial interview for a part time Municipal Court JUDGE! So good cheers towards her. If she does, actually become a judge, I am afraid of the havoc it willl reek on the legal system. how cool

Last night I cooked the Bayou Magic 10-Bean soup. Since my lovely finacee is a vegematarian with fish, I did not use the recommended 2 lbs of ground beef, chicken or wild game. Instead I substituted Shrimps. Also cajun. I followed the directions, I browned the shrimps in seasoning, I seperated and washed the beans, I soaked the beans, I added water to the shrimps and got em boiling, seasoning in, beans in, then I realized there was a HECK of a lot of cajun 10 bean soup there.

The directions says "feeds 7-10 people or 5-7 Cajuns"

Oh my. Fortunately, Eric & Lissa & Kevin managed to stop by and help us out with some of this soup. But still hae 2 mason jars of leftovers.

We also watched the dvd Zoolander, which was silly funny.

and I overextended, and had some barfing. But still, I got a lot of fluids in before they came out, so that was a plus. Always good to have freinds over as well.

I am pretty worn out this morning, however, and am laying low and in bed. Our pal Hesh came by, he and Sara are playing in the garden, trimming the rosemary hedge in front, and doing all sorts of fun stuff involving power yard tools. I am laying in bed with earplugs in.

OH! I keep forgetting to re-mention this. I am copying my blogs into a document, and sometimes I copy in cool emails. I'm up to about 130 pages. When I get done with chemo, I my try to figure out how to edit all this and make a cancer-diaries sort of book. So if you have any really good juicy stories, please let me know, I may need more 'spice'

ha ha ha. oh, I gotta rest.

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