Monday, November 17, 2003

BAD! GRRR! Very Bad!

Sara dropped me off this morning. The doctor's appointment went well, my kidney counts are at 1.1, which is a good thing. Then we went into the infusion room, where I take my chemotherapy. They still needed a blood draw for blood counts.

Guess what? My white blood cell count is 3/4 below where it needs to be. They cannot give me chemo this week.

BAD VERY VERY BAD. I want to cry.

I will email/phone everyone lined up to give me rides, cause I do not need them

The REVISED plan is for me to go back next monday, do another blood count, then start round 4 a week late. What makes this even MORE difficult is Thanksgiving falls on Thursday.

I will spend Thursday and Friday of next week in O'connor hospital getting my last 2 chemo treatments and hydration. BOOO!

and my entire schedule is tossed back another week.

I tentatively have a cat scan for Dec 17. Travel plans are impacted also.

BOOOOO I want to cry. Dang white blood cells.

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