Tuesday, November 11, 2003

damnit, poo!

This weekend I was feeling almost normal. Well, as almost normal as I get. Sunday morning Sara and I went to Reid and Ruby's annual Pre-Motorcycle Show pancake breakfast. I was able to chat with folks, eat pancakes, and generally have a fun time. Afterwards, we even went to the International Motorcycle Show! I wandered around, saw friends, Sara sat on some really expensive bikes, we watched some super-Motard racing they had in the back parking lot.

I felt like a human!

When we got home, I noticed a funky feeling in the back of my throat. Went to blow my nose, and sure enough, blood. But like the horrid bloody noses I had as a child, just a slight drip, and enough to make a kleenex look scary. Actually, I'd kind of been waiting for this, cause with all the vomiting, I KNEW something was up there. Heck, my left nostril has puffed a little blood every morning when I blow snot rockets in the shower. I do not know why I was shocked....

Monday morning. 8:45. Dr. Scates at the oncology office for my regular appointment. First draw blood, then meet with the Doctor. Yes, my blood cell counts are low. VERY low. This is part of what Chemo does. But still, very low. He tells me other than this, everything seems okay, and I am set for a nice 3rd week off chemo. But they'll give me a little shot to help with my blood cell count. The nosebleed is normal considering the blood counts. Also do not be shocked if there is blood in any discharges (poop, puke, etc)

Little my butt! YOW! I felt the skin of my upper arm bulge as all the fluids went in.

However, I was still feeling fine. Normal. Hydrated and happy.

I drove myself, and by golly, I drove myself to the office to chat with folks. Not really catch up on work or anything, just chat. And clear out my voicemail box, and handle a few little chores. But after light lunch of soup with Keith, I really did leave. I was in my truck at 12:30, headed home.

Well, side trip to the Wal-Mart that is right there to have my perscription filled. (More Atavan for nausea) and found a 2 drawer filing cabinet to replace the 4 drawer metal monstrosity I no longer need. Oh, and some pop tarts.

Either way, I was home by 2 and resting. But feeling good.

Then Monday night a certain queasiness hit me. and I have not stopped barfing, and am feeling pretty lousy. I am fighting to keep down water, and just ate 2 bageldogs. Will hope they stay in. And I hope this feeling passes before the end of the week.

Okay, what does the future hold?
this week off.
11/17-11/21 - Next week is round 4 chemo
11/25-11/28 - Week after is round 4 hydration, for at least 1/2 week
12/1-12/5 - Third week is recovery and exam on Monday

12/8 - onward Fourth week, we start thinking about measuring counts, and doing cat scan to see if we got it all.

so it looks like an icky cancer recovery in bed thanksgiving, but that is okay. Live after december. woot!

ick, here comes the bageldogs!!

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