Thursday, November 13, 2003


3rd time in a row IE has crashed on me. I have to post this and move on

thursday, feeling better, did not barf today, ate, and kept food in

last night finished online traffic safety school, will take proctored final test tonight at 8:30pm and wheelie tiket goes away

Sara pointed out there are 2 mac donalds in Beaver Dam

I got really exciteable and changed the oil in my truck this morning, it made me feel good to DO something.

My rant made lots of emails, some surprising.

Small towns are not the answer, they just are not full of walmart home depot office max olive garden bed bath and beyond borders books SAMENESS

someone pointed out they are full of web-footed sister-kissin backwards folks who would rather watch wrassling, than think about what a better life may entail.

someone else pointed out there are no Buddhists, hoomosexuals, punk rock kids, diversity in culture

someone else pointed out that macdonalds food may stink, but they have clean bathrooms.

swell, we export bad food and clean poopers!

after test I will come home, read more of the book TV Party my pals Paul & Dee sent, then go to sleep early.

No plans for friday or weekend, will rest.

better post before it crashes again.

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