Thursday, November 06, 2003

I just don't understand. Yesterday was great. I had beaten the beast! I felt wonderful. Heck, I even got to go OUT to eat.

This morning, I woke up a little queasy. Then I barfed, a lot. Started out as just white fluid, okay, I am pretty sure that's spit I swallow at night. It bubbles up pretty easuly, and does not hurt.

Then it turns to this DEEP YELLOW thick, nasty stuff that burns coming out. I believe that's stomach bile mixed with chemo chemicals.

But why, I was all excited and peeing clear, I thought it ran its course. Apparently not.

I've been really tired and barfy all day. DOH! Hate chemo! hate it.

So I am fighting to keep in water, I am drinking as much as I can, and eating, and trying to keep on the positive attitude. I am so sick and tired of this being sick stuff.

And I still have not been able to go visit my pal Eric Bong! I'll bet he understands. But bah! CHEMO BAD! this is NOT making my mental conditions any happier

Good news? the RM Quiggs spanish rice arriced in today's mail. I have all other ingredients, and if I am feeling better tomorrow, I may try to cook up a batch.

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