Monday, November 03, 2003

Last night was not a bundle of fun, but I tried to drink as much fluids as I could. This morning, went in to South Bay Oncology, hoping for a quick hydration, and to run some blood tests. Well, uhhh, the best laid plans of mice and men?

Preface. The nursing staff in the infusion room, where they give me the drugs, these ladies are the best. NO amount of financial compensation could ever be enough for the job they do. They are technical experts with caring and compassion. I am grateful for every one of them. Nurses? Angels, yeah.

I was dry. bad. The first 3 tries, we did not hit a vein with a 'blood return'. That means the nurse has to locate a vein, place the needle on it, drive the needle through the skin, into the vein, then upward, so the tube is lodged firmly IN the vein. If it works, a little blood pumps out of the tube, then they attach an IV drip, and start fluid, drugs, whatever.

Three times. Three strikes. Did I mention I am a big squirmy wimp, and it makes me really REALLY sick to do this?

Three times.

Because I was so dry, we decided the best shot would be to put in a needle that would stay overnight, or for 2 or 3 days. BUT, we gotta hit a vein.

4th try, we get in, but it is slow moving. Not a good candidate for overnight, but will start hydration. A few moments later, Cheryl managed to force it an extra "oomph" to get it positioned for overnight too. Thanks Cheryl. Saved me much more pain repeat tomorrow.

yay and boo. yay, I do not have to re-stick tomorrow, boo, the needle in me makes me so nauseous, I barf about hourly. I cannot control the nausea at all. Pills no longer help.

it is in my right arm, which makes everything hard. But my left arm (3 sticks) is so raw it hurts too.

I took fluid till 2pm, (1500ml) then went home to rest . and be sick

new plan

fluid tomorrow

re-evaluate tomorrow afternoon.

typing hurts. my arm hurts, barfing hurts. I am sad, sick, and tired. i know, 1 more round, plus wearing off this round. I KNOW there is an end.

but it is not easy.

forgive my weakness. Pray thanks for the nurses.

and Sara.

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