Wednesday, November 12, 2003

A) My pal Flash sent me some great advice last week, and I have nor replied to him, but once again am reminded how wonderful he is. Thanks.

B) Just typed up a rant to another pal about how our wonderful country is becoming homogeonized and the same, and how it stinks.

You know I like you, so as such, I gotta say, BRAVO!

You are now AWAKE! You see it. You GET it. You are correct.

Our once great country is becoming a pre-fab homogenous lazy pile of crap. 30+ years ago we could send ourselves to the moon using slide-rules and a can-do attitude. Now, we cannot even maintain the fucking ships to go halfway there. We have supercomputers in every home, and we use them to order groceries from the store 3 blocks away. Our kids learn about rap music and basketball instead of math, science and history.

We are shipping our income producing jobs to India and China under the guise of globalization, but really so we can get cheap labor. But these are the high-thought jobs. What happens when the Indians realize they don't NEED us as mid-management? Re-read that, we are shipping away our income producing jobs!

All we really make is movies and crap fast food culture.

What can you DO about it? this is the really sad part. NOTHING. You cannot stop the tidal wave. It is what the Majority WANTS.

All you can do is change YOUR life, and try to change the way you and your pals live.

Being a motorcyclist is a huge part of it.

Breaking out of the consumer culture is another part.

There are some wonderful books about breaking the consumer culture, my current favorite is: "Use Less Stuff: Environmental Solutions for Who We Really Are" by Robert M. Lilienfeld, William L. Rathje

Remembering how to THINK. Working on not becoming the same Homer Simpson as the guy next door, down the street, or 4 states away.

Go to LOCAL restaurants for dinner. Avoid chains whenever you can.

Encourage kids to think for themselves.

And for cryin' out loud, TURN OFF THE TEE VEE!

But mostly, hang out with good freinds. (even ones who are sick and don't return calls)

There, add more rant to your fire!


as I was editing this to put on my blog, I thought about even more stuff. Small towns. I think Small towns are the answer. Last trip to visit Sara's parents, I did not see one stinking MacDonalds IN Beaver Dam, WI. And I am certain there is no Taco Bell in Tatum, TX.

If you want to go out to eat, you have to go to Voelker's Steak House, or Otto's Beer & Brat Garden, or Tatum's Catfish Place.

Local people. Local food. Local conversations.

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