Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Okay, either a LOT of people I do not know are reading this, or my mom is hitting it about 50 times a day. I managed to get the stats package hooked up and working, and I am getting about 125 hits / day. Which, actually, encourages me to try to make this a book when I get all cancer-less.

Catchup! I had sushi for lunch yesterday with my pal Julia Green. I did not eat too much, it was soft, full of protein, and stayed in me for a long time. Last night Sara went to Yoga class, and seemed pretty happy when she got home. YAY! Unlike my mom's reports, Sara did not say a bunch of people got all relaxed up and broke tons of wind. Okay, maybe her class is demographically younger? And eats less fried food than the ladies in NE Texas.

I spent most of yesterday evening working on a new business card design for the new house address. Whew, it is done. Went to sleep with Sara, and had wierd dreams. We were in a country bar, some guy was trying to teach Sara the "Chicken Dance" but she was smoking long cigarettes, and every time he got close to her, she burnt his shirt. Kevin Tiene's Daughters Sophia and Fiona were at a table with me, and we were all laughing hilariously. Then I woke up, fortunately, Sara was not smoking.

She went to work early today, cause it is bagel day at eBay. I tried to coerce her to STEAl a bagel for me. Will see when she gets home.

I took my card design to a local print shop around 1pm, and got some made. Cheap. The way I like it. They look fine, and I am set for a while.

I got balloons in the mail from Mrs. Dryer, a pal of mine since before I was born. Who always brought balloons to cheer me up. I do not know why, but my folks keep giving my zip code out as 95126 it is actually 95125. My mailman writes dirty Xs and notes ove the wrong zip.

I feel semi-okay, but very anxious about next week. And it keeps my stomach leaping.

Hair is trying to grow back on my arms, I think because it has been so long since I have had the poision in me. But my 'waste' still smells like chemo. Hmmm. I wonder how long it will really be in me, even when I am finally done.

Flash sent me a link about Lyle Lovett riding Ducati Motorcycles all over the Texas Hill country. it made me homesick. I miss Dripping Springs, but not the Ex.

Okay, I am feeling a little weak, time to post & purge.

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