Monday, November 24, 2003

Saturday: Sara played in dirt, then we got my cousin Steve and went to Todai! YAY! 150 feet of all you can eat sushi buffet. I loaded up on salmon sashimi, and was feeling very VERY protein filled, hoping it would build white blood cells. We got to talk to Steve about his new job outside Philly. I believe he is in for a cold winter.

Got to his folks house, and I was not out of energy, but more having a high intensity, sushi-fueled, full on food-coma. Yes, that was some hi-test nap-fuel. Straight home, and I napped while Sara resumed playing in the dirt.

Rebecca came over in the evening, she and Sara went to the grocery and video stores, rented the movie 3000 Miles to Graceland, which had much explosions, shooting, music, Elvis, and Thong Underpants. They had heat-n-eat veggie pizza, I had hot cocoa and chinese leftovers. Sara forgot her wallet somewhere during this adventure, and Rebecca shelled out dough at the grocers. When they got home, Sara dumped a $20 on Rebecca's pile of money, but did not tell her. So now we do not know if Rebecca recognized the cash addition, or just thinks Sara is a skeezy freeloader.

Sunday: I slept late, while Sara went to a meeting of the Santa Cruz Furies, her all girl bike gang. I think they ate waffles. Finally dragging my behind out of bed, I did some laundry, puttered about the house, and kept napping. When Sara came home, I was out of energy, and beginning to get worried about the Chemo Round coming up.

We watched the old Mike Douglas flick "Black Rain" on cable TV. Initially, I did not plan to watch the WHOLE flick, as I have seen it before, and once REALLY is enough. I just wanted to see the first opening scenes where Mikey street-races a Harley Cafe Racer. One of the coolest Harleys ever made, 1 year only, mid-77 to mid-78. and Just like the 1964 Honda 305 Superhawk, the 197 Harley XLCR is on my list of desireable bikes I wish I owned. My pal Jerri Grindle has one, adding her to the list of people whose garages I want to raid. :)

MONDAY! Chemo Day!

Sara dropped me off at 8:30. Perla took my blood, did a lab analysis, and said my white cell count is great, go on in the back and get all infused up.

Mary started to get everything ready, we examined veins, and discussed the Thursday-Friday Hospital situation. Dr. Scates came in and gave a really definite non-answer, so we will worry about the hospital tomorrow. Mary thinks it should be a Thursday overnight and Friday stay. Tomorrow when cheryl is in, we will finalize, and I will know my plans.

Since we are trying to get the needle in and locked till Wednesday, Mary deferred to Diane to hit the correct vein. Diane hit it first try, quickly, and while not painless, it was very fast. I was very happy. I was also very cold. The heat was off all weekend long in the clinic, so I had a blanket on me, and was trying to stay warm.

Today the doctor asked me if I wanted to try Marinol for the nausea. It's the THC derivate. I told him I had no moral issues with it, but I cannot do Marijuana, I am too old, and it makes me feel like the "PO-lice" are gonna want to have a talk with me. And I do not like talking to them.

He laughed, and said we could try anything, but since Atavan is working, I should stick with it.

We started the usual regieme, saline, Atavan for nausea, Kytril in the last bit of saline for nausea, Cisplatin, Manitrol, Etropocide, saline, saline, saline, then Sara arrived to take me home. Did I mention there is a big needle in my left Arm? we are gonna try to keep it there till Wednesday evening. Just add to the vomiting.

During this time I had to urinate frequently, the Manitrol makes sure of that. but afternoon, I could tell I was back on chemo again, it was all yellow and oily looking, and had that skanky chemo smell. Around 2:30 I put in my earplugs, and tried to sleep. Apparently I was successful, when I came to, the nurses were smiling, and said I was snoring.

It's 6pm now, we are home, I am feeling icky. definitely have the chemo back in me I want to barf, I do not want to eat, I have to urinate a lot, my head hurts, and I am cranky.

But this will be the last round, right?

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