Thursday, November 20, 2003

So my pal Rebecca makes a great point. She tells me if I count stats, and get hits, I should not complain, cause then people will stop reading it, and I will start getting millions of individual emails asking "and how are you doing today?", so stop complaining. Which I wasn't, really, but anyhow, needed to clarify. She's pretty smart.

Last night Larissa came over, and we went for dinner at Aqui's. She is doing a GREAT job as my 'team lead' at work. Basically, she's juggling her normal job, as well as doing my job. Just like Keith, I will never be able to thank them enough for their help. They are on the Honor roll! But dinner was nice. Sara joined us after her Yoga class, then we went outside to admire Larissa's new car. A Subaru WRXSTD I don't know all the letters, but it is a snazzy 4 door with a BIG wing on the back, and a HUGE hood scoop.

Sara drove me home in the Mighty Festiva. no wing, no hood scoop, but still fun. YAY Sara. I vought a passenger side mirror for it off eBay, she did not notice it till 24 hours after I put it on, and I had to point it out. She says she never looks there, so why would she notice? good point! We watched a little television, then turned in early.

My pal Dr. Lionel Hall, modern day genius was supposed to be in San Jose today and call, but I didn't hear from him. Which was just as well. I answered all my snail mail, paid all my bills, filed all my papers that needed filing, and sat around trying not to be sick.

I did eat the pumpernickle bagel Sara SWIPED from work yesterday. It got smooshed in her bag, but was still okay. Actually, it wasn't. I do not like Pumpernickle. I like Onion bagels, Salt bagels, and Garlic bagels. Sometimes, I will eat plain or egg, but that's about it. So I was feeling a little off from the pumpernickle, then later in the day I had a bagel dog, and now I am totally queasy.

Of course I did NOT take any Atavan, so that might explain it, I will go have one now.

Other news? I got an email from someone I do not know who reads my blog. Just for you Jodi, talk about Bike STUFF! :) I am selling my 1999 Honda Superhawk to my pal Mark. I may have mentioned this already. But since I cannot really ride, it seems like a good time to sell off some rolling stock. Also, if you have not read it, Melissa Holbrook-Pierson's book "The Perfect Vehicle: What It is about Motorcycles" is a great way to think about bikes. I quite enjoyed the book, even if she is misled, and thinks Moto-Guzzi's are acceptable machines. They are not, they are evil.

Of course I am already thinking of what to replace my Superhawk with. Jack says a Ducati Monster. Larissa says a Yamaha R6, Joe says a FZR400. Isn't it cool, everyone recommends the bike they ride! hee heee.

So trying to concentrate on motorcycles, not cancer. Cancer sucks.

Next week is gonna be bad, I know this already. Monday - Wednesday, at the clinic. Thursday - Friday at the hospital. Hospitals are bad, they keep sick people there. I am VERY worried about this. On the other hand, I KNOW where I will be for Thanksgiving. :( boo!

And I cannot make it to Texas for the holidays?

I am officially declaring this holiday season a bust. No, non-existant! Do not expect to see me, hear from me, or recieve consumer based giftage from me. I am staying sick with my head on under the pillow.

Good news? Jack is on his way over, and we are gonna hang out tonight and do a bunch of nothing.

Pardon me, it is time to go vomit. then try to keep in an anti-nausea pill.

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