Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Tuesday we changed one of the drugs. Manitrol comes after the Cisplatin, and helps me urinate and purge the cisplatin out of my system. But they were out, so we switched to one called Lasiks or something like that. It made me have to pee every 5 minutes, a lot. Very irritating, as I have to get out of chair, push IV pole to bathroom, do business, wash hands, return to chair, sit, cover up, stand up, repeat. From 2-4, every 5 minutes.

Jack came to pick me up yesterday, and he shot quite a few photos. I uploaded some of them to my Yahoo Cancer Boy photo site.

Once we got to the house, I looked at the photos, and realized I do not recognize myself. I am just looking at these pictures thinking "who is that ugly mutt?"

Sara came home from work and we went to Pearl Garden chinese restaurant. I had a little vegetable fried rice with no mushrooms, Sara and Jack shared MaBoo Tofu and Eggplant in Garlic sauce.

Back to the house, and we watched a movie Sara ranted on Netflix. "Magnolia" NOT Steel Magnolias, nope, Magnolia. Verdict? the third worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

#3 magnolia. only cool thing, scene of raining frogs
#2 mulholland drive. some art crap, where actors kept changing characters, oh, hell, it sucked
#1 Darkman, some stupid crap from 1990, we kept watching thinking "it HAS to get better" it never did.

Anyhow, We sat and watched this movie LONG after we should have ripped it from the DVD player, microwaved it, smashed it to bits, and poured the remnants into the Netflix return pack to save anyone else from wasting 2 hours of their life.

Slept fitfully, anxious about hospital on Thursday.

WEDNESDAY: arrived at clinic, got all hooked up, took drugs, peed a lot, did not have lunch, felt pretty putrid. Spoke to Steve, he wrote the orders for O'Connor to give me chemo Thursday and Friday, as outpatient, however, he ammended them, and said by mid afternoon, we should re-assess, and see if I SHOULD just stay overnight.

The nursing staff may unofficially think overnight would be easier on me, with less transportation and timing issues, and have everything constant and working at hospital.

Will play it by ear. I am scared, and nauseous.

We pulled the needle out of my left arm at 4 today, and put a new one in my right arm, to make it easier for the hospital.

Great, Spending Thanksgiving in the Hospital. Boo! I will be surly and irritable.

Chemo tomorrow. Chemo Friday.

Hydrate at least Monday and Tuesday, maybe more. Dec 17 Cat Scan Dec 23, Evaluation.

Good news? Sara's Sister Kate was offered a better job today. YAY Kate! YAY! I needed good news.

AND, I recieved a package from my pal Katsura in Japan. He and his wife Eri folded me 50 paper cranes. For good luck. they are beautiful, and I feel honored, and lucky to have such good freinds.

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