Thursday, December 18, 2003

#1. Last night around 8 all the poop stopped (for me*) I think I may have let myself get deheydrated, however, cause I started feeling icky, and slept a lot. I've pushed lots of water & juice today, hoping to feel better. *(for me 'splanation) I recieved an email from my sister, last night her dog Jackie busted into a UPS package and ate about a pound of chocolates. Sherry said she'd spare me the details, but the quick story was: "dog okay, there was a mighty turd tornado in South Austin at 3 a.m." This morning I told Sara i was tired of all this, and just wish fluids would stop shooting out of me.

#2. Hair. I keep hearing after chemo hair comes in white or blonde and curly. I like the idea of blonde, and seem to remember telling my mom I wanted to grow up to be tall and blonde with blue eyes. However, at this point, any hair would be nice, especially nose hair. I was pretty sure I hated nose hair, but now that I do not have any, I miss it. It keeps your nose from constantly running, and without any, boogers fall out at the wierdest times.

#3 My Pal: I'd mentioned my pal in SF who had surgery and TC. Then did not say anyhting for a while, cause I did not want to risk jinxing his CT scan. He went same day as me, but already has results. Negative and Negative. They got it all when they cut! woo hoo! this is great news. I am V happy for him.

That's about all the thoughts I have right now, I am still pretty tired, I don't know when I will get energy back, but am being cautious, resting, and avoiding large gatherings, where there could be flu or sniffles floating around. I still have low LOW immunities, and can't afford a cold just now.

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