Monday, December 15, 2003

Big meeting this morning. I rested all Sunday, and built up my strength, and got all ready and prepared. I wore jeans and a belt, not my usual "lounge pants" (they are NOT pajamas.) Wore jeans with a belt, and a button up white collared shirt, sperry top siders. I looked just like a big boy! :)

a really tired one.

I went, I met, I listened. I like the new senior VP, he seems like a No-BS kind of guy. His outline did not specifically mention me, or my organization, and as always, I stressed the one important thing to my boss. I report to my boss.

So my boss planted a seed of doubt in my mind, and said "we really don't know what is gonna happen, what if he brings in someone from the outside?"

Great, just YANK the magic carpet out from under my feet, slap those rose colored glasses off my face and toss a big cup of reality uo my nose! :D

Well, it will be all okay, no matter what happens, I am still alive, and that's better than being dead, and if you can almost survive cancer, you can do ANYTHING. So it will all work out, and I won't worrry about what I do not yet know.

Then I pulled a dumbass thing. On the way home, I stopped at TACO BELL! I am a moron. I know. I THOUGHT I was being good. I ONLY ordered a bean burrito, with a soda. Halfway through the burrito, I knew it was a bad thing, and I stopped eating.

I went home.

I took off all the clothes, and just crawled in bed and rested more.

A betting man might put his money on the burrito. But I am mixing in all the brain cycles of the information I had to digest at the meeting, and claiming It just ALL wore me out. I bet Sara will disagree. Either way, I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed.

On a cheerful note: Sara's folks sent us a holiday box from Wisconsin. It has lots of different cheese, including something called "cheese curds" which I have never seen, but taste nice. And Sara seems to like them. Also a summer sausage and the biggest packet of beef sticks I have ever seen, which I will NOT be sharing with my fiance. :) But might share with some of my non vegatarian pals.

So we get closer to Christmas, and lots of pals have been asking what plans we have.

Since not going to Texas, and not giving gifts because I am sick and cannot shop, I have been rolling the idea of all pals together in my mind and doing what us Jews do on Christmas. go see movies and go out for Chinese food. Two of the three places that are open on Christmas. #3 is shot pool at biker bars, and I do not know any in San Jose.

Wednesday. December 17th. Cat Scan. Also 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk.

December 23rd, Results of CAT scan, and hopefully the present I really want to hear about.

love and holiday cheer to all. Get naked, stay warm, get in bed and rest!

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