Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Five minute test my BUTT!

Dr. Scates was under the impression a PET scan lasts 5 minutes. Oh, how wrong he was.

Let's begin on Sunday. Sara and I went to Julia & Mark's house in the afternoon, and ended up staying through dinner and then some. It was great to be out of the house. When we got home, however, my stomach was kinda iffy. Due, I believe, to anxiety over the test.

I was up till 4am, crying and going to the bathroom every other 15 minutes. Horrid gas pain, a wee touch stopped up, if you know what I mean, and relief? seemed to be coming in rabbit pellet size.

Finally around 4, I fell soundly asleep till 7. 3 solid hours of sleep, and woke up with no pain. So that was grand. My test was scheduled to start at 10am, so I figured, 10am, 5 minutes, work by 11. YAY!

I left early to account for traffic. Fortunately, no fear of median poopage this trip. Got to the hospital at 9:30, and got to sit and wait in lines. Booo! But made all the paperwork by 10, and off to Nuclear Medecine.

Met Gene the tech. He explained and started the proceedure. 5 minutes? not.

FIRST they start an IV drip. The first poke the vein would not run, but second poke it did.
THEN I recieved a series of 3 shots into the IV, each followed by a saline wash (another shot)
The second shot was a radioactive sugar the lymph nodes will process and the camera can track.

after the shots, I got to sit in a recliner for 2 hours while the junk processed. 2 HOURS

then another shot to make the stuff run out of me quickly, 15 minutes for that to settle, then into the scanner

Like a CT scan, big metal hoop, table, slide back and forth. However, it takes time lapse shots, to measure the irradiated sugars processing, so that takes an hour.

then I got to leave. A little longer than 5 minutes.

Now wait for the results.

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